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100 Themed Interior/Exterior Design Challenge

So, I saw that there was no interior/exterior design challenges going on but plenty of talented artists and designers out there, so I decided to make this group. I hope my choices will be good enough for you. The object of this group is to show your own style and loves through your designing of these rooms, gardens, porches, ect. Rules (didn't want to put this in but it seems I have to): 1. All sets have to do with the challenge. 2. All sets submitted have to have somewhere on the set (either in title or description) the number and/or the name of the theme. 3. In order for this challenge to be completed, all the themes must be done (if you have a problem with one of them, please pm me). 4. All sets must be either interior or exterior design. 5. Last but not least please have fun. So here it goes, the themes: Part One: The Colors 1. Blue Room 2. Red Room 3. White Room 4. Green Room 5. Black Room 6. Yellow Room 7. Pink Room 8. Orange Room 9. Gold Room 10. Brown Room 11. Purple Room Part 2: The Places 12. By the Lake 13. Cottage on the Hill 14. Overlooking the Sea 15. In the City 16. Parisian Living 17. Amongst the Pines 18. Out on the Ranch 19. Hawaiian Retreat 20. A Paradise Away From Home 21. Jungle Abode 22. Disneyworld Suite Part 3: The Movies 23. Twilight 24. Anne of Green Gables 25. Napoleon Dynamite 26. Fiddler on the Roof 27. Star Wars 28. Jurrasic Park 29. Alice in Wonderland 30. The Sandlot 31. Back to the Future 32. Disney Princess (one of them) Part 4: In the Family 33. The Family Room 34. A Teen's Dream 35. Dad's Workshop 36. Mom's Hideaway 37. The Playroom 38. Expecting: Boy or Girl? 39. It's a Dog's Life Part 5: The People 40. The Lumberman 41. The Diva 42: The Secretary 43. The Businessman (or woman) 44. The Farmer 45. The Actor 46. The Artist 47. The Outlaw 48. The Doctor 49. The Cat Lady 50. The Seamstress 51. The Inventor 52. The Bookworm 53. The Packrat 54. The Collector 55. The Accountant 56. The Veternarian 57. The Light House Keeper 58. The Genius 59. The Madman Part 6: The Titled Places 60. The Dormitory 61. The Music Room 62. The Dressing Room 63. The Classroom 64. The Workplace 65. The Practice Room 66. The Kitchen 67. The Hat Room 68. The Water Closet 69. The Castle 70. The Treasure Room 71. The Saloon 72. The Salon 73. The Gym 74. The Bird Santuary Part 7: Those That Are Left 75. Oriental Gardens 76. The Stage is Set 77. Too Bright 78. At the Diner 79. Porch Living 80. The 50s 81. Honeymoon Suite 82. Starry, Starry Night 83. Clocks 84. Child at Heart 85. Beautiful Life 86. Masquerade 87. Hippies 88. Flower Power 89. Messy 90. The Music Box 91. A Step Into the Amazon 92. I Spy... 93. He's a Spy, She's an Agent 94. The Cavern 95. The Forgotten 96. Mix and Match 97. Lost & Found 98. Vacation House 99. Tool Shed 100. Tree House Extra Room Designs -Chevron -Polka Dots -Steampunk Wow! So there's 100 individual themed sets you must do. Any questions just pm me, and if you finish the challenge please send me the link for your completed challenge collection. Alrighty hope this group becomes popular and I hope you all come to love it. Here's the start of the list of completed challenges: #1: Tayla Tobas: #2: MangoExotic:
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