100 Things About Me

1.) My fave color is pink
2.) I love Abercrombie
3.) I love Modern Family
3.) My favorite show is Glee
4.) My favorite topping on hot chocolate is whipped cream.
5.) I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs
6.) Omgee I love love love any PINK perfume.
7.) VS Pink and Victoria's Secret are a-freaking-mazing.
8.) Navy blue looks fabulous on me <3
9.) Hollister is amazing 2.
10.) This weekend I'm getting extensions in my hair that are feathers!
11.) Roxy flip flops are the best
12.) I heart NYC
13.) I like seriously wish I was Latina
14.) I like the smell of chlorine, salty skin, and sunkissed tans
15.) I absolutely love tank tops :)
16.) Coke + Pepsi = wicked unhealthy but amazing!
17.) I heart popsicles
18.) Candy is my weakness
19.) Wait, so is Juicy!
20.) And a good clutch
21.) Gimme a white Blackberry anyday and I'll be in heaven.
22.) I heart my bf <--- hell yaa
23.) Yeah i'm pretty obsessed with Polyy!
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