100 Things I Want for Christmas

that I won't be getting...
I knew I wouldn't be getting /much/ for Christmas, but my mom informed me today that I would not be receiving anything.
She's making it like 'I'm sorry sissy, but this Christmas is going to be sh.t so your present is a down-payment for your car in January for your birthday.'
Okay, cool. You took $200 from me two weeks ago and you wanna say 'That'll be part of your down payment.'
Okay, cool. Cool.
You had already promised $500 down on my car, but you're going to make my 18th birthday present and last Christmas home before college by taking my money to pay for it.
No, I'm not being a spoiled brat. Just lemme rant for a second, okay?
A lot of other crap has gone down, too. Just pisses me off that I'm the one thrown aside.
SO this is to me.
My gift to myself.
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