I starting to follow @himchan today after have been thinking for awhile,keep watching you. i'm not following any Kpop fans these days due to my personal reason.

Thanks to keep waiting even though that time i said i'm not yet following you.
also another reason is Himchan is one of my top biases even though you'll see him on my page again next year(haha)..hope you'll like this set i made it just for you my last following from Kpop community(thanks to made me gift btw)

After finished making this set 
i've been thinking to our precious kpop community
almost 2 years i've gathering tagging you
@maybones @giko-is-giantsister @hellounicorn @nyamnyam @it-is-just-me @chomiczynka @dragongirl142 @aurora-zg member name chocolate /i forgot your name but exactly came from England,Kristen from Philippines @cielle-eh-eh + another with name hard to remember.
Idk maybe just me who feel like Kpop community on PV changing a lot,good thing it's growing up has many fans but as the same time our old friends leaving/unactive. and maybe just me who not feel the same way,not happy due to i got many problem esp always come from ppl who're kpop fans and i regrets that ever follow someone,it too burden,copied,never give me such credit when obviously took my idea/layouts really called it burden much than can positively make friend.
i think someone ever talks it before?

i remember back then(2011-early2013) we're (exactly me) i'm positively trying to make various artist from music/drama/film,happy to share and following kpop fans around.
Second and the gang i do follow
@raphaellakay @mirmin and Maldives gang it was so close with my precious tho.
@fruitmachine @eikki @oh-pororo @channdid @fashionista26 @aliicia21

And the last one @christabella-98 @gizibe
I feel depressed (only towards to Kpop on PV) just last month ago to found someone spoke ill to me an OPENLY,that was very shocked till now ,idk why i deserved this? ,i never talking,never do bad thing to,not so close with.
that why today i'm in deep though about where is my precious kpop community that ever fill with nice ppl? yes,really really nice,we talk we share, i'm so glad btw..to met you even though we may not so close like before.

maybe about this bad experienced feeling i have missed someone might be nice but i still not to follow them back i'm sorry.

to my fashion followers you don't have to feel sad i'm not that sad to fashion community just KPOP.

just once blushing out this sad:(
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