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Ah, Ben. ♥

So, I watched the entire first season of True Blood on Saturday -- woah. Aside from the sex (and trust me, there is an unhealthy, extreme amount of buttfucking in this show), it was pretty cool. I can't wait till my bud's done with the next season so that I can watch it. Don't watch it if you're... oh, I dunno, an innocent teenager. >.< I'm glad the sex died out when my mom came home from work and watched the rest with me. Talk about awkward...

Another poem I made! I made this a long time ago, from my Emo days again, and this I actually posted as a blog on myspace, and my ex-boyfriend (then current crush) told my friend that this poem made him cry. HA! That's what you get. It's cuz you know it's true! (I'm so evil.)

The Hidden Game Of Chess (8/7/08)

What a vicious circle that I have with these feelings.
My unstable thoughts commence, only to retreat.
All these damned emotions; unbearable teeming.
My heart is too ashamed to wallow in defeat.
The added pounds of heartbreak my body cannot hold,
The unrelenting sadness, I assume won't go away,
Deprives me from my laughter and that wondrous city of gold.
And hidden are my smiles, but my sorrow's here to stay.
And with my eyes I see, you were never here for me.
And with my ears I hear what made it so unclear.
I was given rank a pawn to sacrifice for Queen.
I end with regretting words, "If only I had seen."

Type "Sacrifice" if you read all that! :P

♥ Pirate Joyce
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