Cundi (Sanskrit: चुन्दी, literally "Extreme Purity") is a buddha or bodhisattva venerated in the Mahāyāna Buddhist schools, with emphasis of her practice in the Esoteric Buddhist schools. She is known as a bhagavati, or "mother of buddhas", and is often equated with the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara. She may be related to the Hindu goddess Chandi.

While Cundi is less well known in the Tibetan Vajrayāna Buddhist community, she is revered in the Chinese and Japanese Buddhist Esoteric sects. In China, she is known as Zhǔntí Púsà (準提菩薩, "Cundi Bodhisattva") or Zhǔntí Fómǔ (準提佛母, "Cundi Buddha-Mother"), while in Japan she is known as Juntei Kannon (准胝観音, "Cundi Avalokitasvara").

In late imperial China, early traditions of Esoteric Buddhism were still thriving in Buddhist communities. Robert Gimello has also observed that in these communities, the esoteric practices of Cundi were extremely popular among both the populace and the elite.

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