10 Minute Makeover with Celebrity Makeup Artist Beau Nelson

What's the best make-up look if you only have 10 minutes?
1. Smooth on foundation - Giorgio Armani makes a great, smooth product.
2. Touch up dark spots and blemishes with concealer.
3. Use a tight, precise brush to draw a crisp line of eyeliner.
4. Brush on mascara.
5. Curl your lashes.
6. A couple of quick sweeps of eyeshadow.
7. Slick on lipstick. Done - out the door!
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Three comments

Wrote two years ago
so pretty! Wish I had the money to buy it all and make myself look like that:)

Wrote two years ago
Actually, it's better to curl your eyelashes BEFORE putting on mascara, because if you put it on after, it crimps your lashes and makes them look weird.

Wrote two years ago
*_______* (check a look for my sets)