[Project Polyvore]

i got dressed quickly and walked over to the bar. almost all of the girls were there already, drinking the night away. i even saw a few familiar guy faces.

"soph!" i called to her as i walked over.

"hey dana!" she said, squeezing me into a hug. charlie was chugging down beer beside her.

"let's get this party started!" she screamed, throwing her hands in the air and grabbing my hand, dragging me onto the bar counter.

"goodness, i just got here." i laughed, struggling to get on. "hey cleo." i smiled at her as she served customers.

she just waved and handed me a drink.. or two. and by the time the night was over, i had more than just two and i didn't struggle at all.

"hey!" i heard a familiar voice call.

through my almost clear vision, i saw tristan's face. i grinned. "hey!"

"wow, this is one heck of a bar."

i just chuckled, dancing with sophie. "you're telling me." i laughed.

"sure you're sober to go home alone tonight?"

i just shook my head and laughed hysterically, drunk. "nope!"

"that's what i thought. charlie called. i'm taking you home tonight."

"ooh," i said with a smile, "good then. gotta thank charrrllaayy for that oneeee." i said in a slur.

he just laughed and got a beer while the night continued.

(what happens next? woohoo)

xx, danalee
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