10. on friday in bio, i was asked by a boy what my favorite kind of music is. after about 2 minutes of saying 'uhm' over and over i finally spurted out 'indie' (more like whispered) and they heard 'indian' so i just nodded my head and finished with, 'sure lets go with that'
9. i cannot and will not make eye contact with anyone i dont know well without blushing like crazy.
8. if a boy ackowledges my existence i get scared and tell my mother about how frightning it was.
7. i hate being touched.
6. i really love cats.
5. i have a peeta cutout and tell people he's my boyfriend.
4. i tell everyone that i hate people. which i do.
3. i have no problem telling people what i think. i dont sugar coat things. if youre being a biitch or a douche bag then you'll get told by yours truly (:
2. uhm fat amy is my spirit animal. duh.
1. i cannot talk to boys. like they scare me. i hide from them. 

so who wants to buy me a cat?

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