here's my outfit of the day for tomorrow! 

i'm wearing my new dark grey obey shirt under an oversized, dark red cardigan.
i'm wearing dark wash super skinny jeans from hollister and pairing this outfit with my white converse.
and i'm wearing a black bra and underwear :p

my hairs gonna be down and straight like always and i'm gonna wear foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, and highlighter.
on my eyelid i'm wearing a matte off white, and into my crease i'm gonna blend in a matte taupe-ish, gray-ish tan kinda color. i'll also put a little liquie eyeliner on top and tightline my eyes, and wear 2 coats of mascara.

hope you enjoyed this set! if you like it please like and follow me<3 xoxox -Em

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