so just tryna watch the news
erik comes on tv.
oh. grrrrreat.
his team won best in our side of the state. he had scored the winning pk. even had an interview.
why cant i get over this kid?!

so aparently my sister was talking to noah, and noah [who i thought was there for me] said erik was the one to pity./] i was both angry and concerned... was there something going on i caused? with his family? cause if you ask me his life is pretty great. going against the best team on the other side of the state to determine which team is best in state, and from there best in region etc.
he seemed to be crying he was so happy.
without me. sooooooooo 
im doing a lot of shruggin to day whilei jam to macklemore. hahahah

im just done. i did some volunteering this morning, giving food to the needy elderly and just inpovertish people in my town. sure the girls who were with me seemed a little annoyed with me, but it was a great experiance.

anywho. did no homework. rocking this loock tomorrow, minus earrings -sadly-
no hw done.
going to fail my test in math -___-
i should email my friend about class notes now i mention it.
whatever got dishes to do and emails to send,. really im not mad
nor sad about erik.
just numb. 

its whatever.
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