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^jam of the day

work tomorrow, yea i got a job! its a costuming job for NHS's production of 'ANnie' 
i have a produciton meeting tomorrow at 3-5. 
if mac still has his bonfire [which i doubt] i could ask rebecca for a possible ride to macs ouse after the fact but idk if he is even having it soooo
and if he has if but rebecca cant bring me noah said he would pick me up haha so worrrd

camera didnt get fixed i had church meeting stuff for 4 hours yeaterday so yea...
the day i get a sponsor given to me we remember 'oh yea.. you have brothers remember? and they were confirmed' FAIL.

meg has a friend over. 
i should be doing someting productive with my time. instead i am bored as all living fuckkkk.
so yea.
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