Top Fashion Sets for November 14, 2015
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let me be straightforward with this; i am not gfriend's fan. and part of it comes from their company, trying so hard to market gfriend as 'the next girls generation'. i felt like their debut song and choreography was a little too similar to girls generation's debut song, into the new world. like, sinb (who is in this set) is a semi-doppelganger of jessica as well. i mean, i'm sure that the girls of gfriend have humility, are hardworking and kind as well, but their company's strategies and media play are irritating sometimes. i just don't like the marketing of gfriend ugh ;; not many rookie groups are really unique these days, they're all so similar and kinda bland o_o

i've really only found people i like from rookie groups in 2k15 but not really any rookie group songs or concepts. the exception is ikon, but ikon's been hanging around, chilling at the edges of the industry, so i don't actually fully consider them a rookie group. 

not really hating on gfriend though. i wish them the best in their entertainment careers. 

Have a lovely day to everyone today~ c:

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