"Jim, calm down!" Colin shouted at his cat. Jim had been hyper all morning, and Colin didn't know why. At the moment, the feline was hanging from one of the posts on Colin's bed. Colin shook his head, and flopped down onto his pillows. He was exhausted from his classes that day, and all of the students had been informed that the students from the other schools would be arriving in a couple of days. Colin was curious about them, but at the moment just really wanted to sleep. He had barely gotten a chance to practice for the tournament, though he was still unsure if he really wanted to enter or not. His cat really wasn't helping, either. Colin grabbed Jim, and placed him on the bed, and was rewarded with a loud yowl, and Jim immediately jumped up and began running around the room some more. Frustrated, Colin decided to get some fresh air, instead, and headed outside, followed closely by his noisy companion.

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Wrote 5 years ago
"Good then" She giggled.

Wrote 5 years ago
"Yeah." he grinned toothily. "See? My teeth aren't even sharp enough."

Wrote 5 years ago
"Is that so" She chuckled jumping from around the tree.

Wrote 5 years ago
Colin chuckled. "Come on out. I don't bite, really." he said, grinning evilly.


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