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A lot of the new year's resolutions are about "being healthier" and "more fit". So I decided to make a set with 15-minute workout plans that I use every morning.

- - -
1; First you'll need to set the alarm on your clock 15 minutes earlier. My clock was originally set at 7:OO am, so it's now at 6:45 am.

2; Have a to-do list (whether it be mentally or physically). Make a plan for yourself that you'll follow the same way every morning.

3; Make sure you're on time. If you're not on time, physically, you'll body will start to slack off on the exercises.

- - -

Stretching - You'll want to start out with stretching to wake your body up and warm it up. I normally do half-butterflies, butterflies, toe-touches, and "the superman".

(Half-butterflies = Outstretch your left leg out to the left side until it is fully extended. Then reach your hand out to touch your toes- it's alright if you can't reach them all the way. Rest your head on your arm. 
Hold this stretch for 3O seconds.
Repeat with right leg.

Butterflies = Outstretch both legs out to the sides until fully extended. Then reach both arms into the middle. Rest your head on your arms.
Hold this stretch for 3O seconds.

Toe touch = Stand up straight and bend over to touch your toes. 
Hold this stretch for 3O seconds WITHOUT bending your knees.

The Superman Stretch = Lay down on a hard, flat surface, back up. Lift both arms and legs of the ground, body remaining on the ground. DO NOT bend elbows or knees.
Hold this stretch for 3O seconds.)

Exercises / Weights - (This is where you'll need your "to-do list"). My exercises consist of sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, and dumbbells.

Starters to-do list (per morning):
- 35-45 sit-ups
- 1O-2O push-ups
- 3O crunches
- 15 (_)lb. dumbbells

Dumbbell Help = For dumbbells it's suggested you start with the weight set closest to 5% of your body weight. I'm around 1OO pounds so that would start me out with 5 pounds, 2.5 pounds per dumbbell. 
(That's a lower than what I'm capable of, so it's OK to start out a little higher.)

(Dumbbell routine = Lift one arm in the air and hold it for 15 seconds. Return to side. Lift opposite arm and hold for 15 seconds. Return to side. After 1O of these, try 5 with both arms!)

The average time for this daily workout should be around 15 minutes, give or take a few minutes depending on your personal strength.

- Want to keep the workout going after school? Before you start your homework, offer to walk the dog or take a jog around the block! Shovel the driveway, rake the leaves, or mow the lawn for extra exercise!
- - -

Food Habits - Eating healthy isn't only about the number of calories. In fact, most cases it's not. Follow this healthy eating-plan up to 7 days a week!

Breakfast choices - I'm normally not hungry on an average-school-morning. But it's deffinately NOT healthy to skip out on breakfast. 

Ideas =

Don't like cheerios? Jazz them up with some pieces of your favorite fruit!

Your body needs calcium! Try switching out that glass of milk to an 8 oz. glass of orange juice to reach half of your body's daily-calcium-level AND get 2/5 of your daily fruit servings!

Get your mom to buy an extra loaf of bread, whole-weat. (Already buy whole-weat? Great!)

Lunch -
Lunch is just as important as breakfast! So many girls are now completely SKIPPING lunch. This doesn't keep your body healthy nor does it help you to lose weight!

(Ideas are prefered for a packed-lunch)
Ideas =

Sandwiches are great for the main course of your lunch, but sometimes can be loaded with calories. Try switching out your white bread to whole-weat.

Condiment portions are tricky. I don't enjoy condiments on my sandwiches, but the majority of us do. Next time when you're spreading on some ketchup or mayonaise, use half of what you normally would.

Chips. One word, YUM. We need some crunch in our lunch and chips are the first thing that come to mind. But in fact crunchy apples or cucumbers are great substitions for this greasy snack.

Drinks are essential to keeping your body hydrated! Make sure to leave the soda at home, though.

Dessert is your time to shine :) Pack anything you want! Remember to keep portion sizes in mind, though. A brownie should be the size as an iPod Nano, etc.

Snacks - Possibly my favorite word :) I love snacks as much as the next guy, but hoho's just won't cut it!

Ideas =

Try replacing fruits or nuts for your snack!

Another healthy snack is a smoothie (as long as you don't add to much icecream!)

Icecream. My favorite snack. I recently tried frozen yogurt, though, and it won my heart. 

Dinner - Don't bother Mom too much as to what she should cook for dinner. If you've been eating healthy for the first part of the day, dinner is not as essential to being healthy.

But it's always a good idea to remind your parents that staying home and cooking is the healthy alternative to eating out. (This can also protect you against virus's!)

Proportions at dinner are the most crucial, however. Make sure that you keep in mind that you can always have seconds if you need it.
- - -

Dressing is NOT essential to staying healthy. Although I don't suggest skinny jeans and a tight tee for your workouts :)

To keep your body cooler, try a sports bra under your sweatshirt instead of a tee of tank top.
- - -

**I am not the originator of this idea.
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