Princess was just a girl. It wasn't unusual for her parents to drop her off at the little library and just leave her there for hours. Princess scoured the library, reading everything she could find, loving the romance stories the very best. 

The library was dark, and gloomy. But one window shone natural light into the tight space, and lamps sat everywhere; on tables, the floor, seated alarmingly unstably on stacks of books. Princess's favourite spot was a big old faded pink chair in tucked away in a corner. 

One day, Princess entered the library to find a new face behind the stacks and stacks of books. The new librarian smiled brightly at her and said hello. But Princess just wizzed by, grabbing a book from a shelf and planting her bum in her favourite chair. she'd peak over the top of the book every now and then to assess the new book-keeper. Her hair was blonde, and wild; somewhere in between curly and wavy. She was covered in these interesting tattoos. What Princess loved most of all was the care she took with the books, as though she knew each world contained between those pages needed to be dealt with with care. 

The next day when Princess came in the new librarian handed her a book, and with smile she suggested Princess give it a try. Tucked into her chair, Princess opened the book to find that it was the first of a lengthy anthology about the multitudes of mythical and magical places ever known. 

For weeks Princess devoured these books and talked to her new beloved book-keeping friend about the wonderful things she'd read, and the places she was determined to one day see. 

But then one day Princess entered the library to find the old mossy librarian had returned. Princess searched the library, for surely her friend would not have left without a proper goodbye. But alas, she was nowhere to be found. Finally giving up the search, with sadness in her heart, Princess grabbed a book and found her chair... And to her surprise a little spaniel was keeping it warm for her. And her heart quickly warmed. 

Princess has never told anyone this story. Time travel is a delicate things afterall, and who's to know when these events transpired for her friend. Princess is content simply content to pet her unaging puppy Dolly and enjoy the company of her dear book-keeping friend once again. 


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