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There are a lot of things that shouldnt happen with role play. I mean honestly, it is creepy as F, that we go around dating guys who are probably actually girls. Seriously, if you think about it, what guy is gonna come on a FASHION site. Unless he's gay. Which in that case, thats weirder for a girl to be dating them. But we marry them anyways, have children, etc... So if we can do that, then what gives you the right to call a childs death strange? I think it is creepier that people on here get MARRIED in the first place when you dont even know the person. But the whole point is because it is role play. Yup, I've been married here before. I'm not ashamed. But I'll be honest, it is a little weird to me. But it is just role play. The whole point is to engage in this life that we have created specifically to fit our needs. Simply fun and games. So before you start calling other peoples actions weird, how about you evaluate your own actions. We all come on here to create these lives. So instead of judging people, my suggestion would be to get to know some people because there are some pretty fucking amazing people here. Sorry for that rant everyone, but honestly, unless someone is harming you, just mind your own business. We're all here for fun and game. I absolutely will not tolerate any form of rudeness on this site.
Getting around to messages. 
Hopefully sooner than later =P

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