December 4, 2012 

Okay, yes, I realize it is the 4th, but I wrote this up last night while the experience was still fresh in my mind, but didn't make a set until now, so just pretend it's the night of December 3rd when you read this. Or, don't read it at all if you don't want, but... here it goes.

Guys. I can't. I just can't. So many fangirl emotions bubbling up inside of me. Tonight was epic. EPIC, I tell you. It was LEGEN(waitforit)DARY (<--HIMYM reference). It was, dare I say, the best night of my life. I wanna cry right now. But not because I'm sad like last time (well sad that it's over, yes) but because I am filled with so much darn happiness. I am in a state of pure bliss. I am SO much more pleased with this experience than the last one. Shall I recount my nights events? Yes, I shall because Polyvore's like my little diary, so of course I'll abuse it with my thoughts and musings.

4:30 - We arrive at Grand Central, grab some pizza from Two Boots (for any New Yorkers who haven't tried Two Boots pizza, YOU MUST), then head to the taxi line. And then it's nearing 5:00 and we're still standing outside of Grand Central. Who would've thought that it would take 20 minutes to hail a cab in NYC? We're clearly not city kids.

5:10 - We arrive at Madison Square Garden. The cab driver rips us off $1 but what can you do. Lol. We head to the 1D World store, which is right next door, only to find out that it closes at 5. So we head over to the MSG entrance and ask a security guard where to go to line up, but he's occupied by this girl who's sobbing about waiting on line and being shoved or something and we're like omgsh this is crazy. What were we thinking getting tickets to MSG?! But it turns out that she was just crying about not getting on line to buy last-minute tickets at the box office. Anyways.

6:00 - After waiting at the entrance for about an hour, they started doing a security check and letting people in. We line up and get shirts--obviously, I chose the most pretentious one that says "blah blah Madison Square Garden blah blah I WAS THERE" just so everyone in my school knows that I was, indeed, there. Haha just kidding. I would never wear it to school and make people feel bad and stuff. But in my imagination, it's funny.

6:30 - After waiting outside the ticket scanning gate for half an hour, surrounded by sweaty people and hot, sticky air, they finally start scanning people's tickets. Now, everyone starts RUNNING forward so we had to run along too to make sure we didn't get trampled, and it was quite crazy. But then we're finally in and girls are running up the escalators and we silently give the evil eye to the girls entering the doors to the Floor level seats, and before we know it we're in the lobby of the 100s section. This is where it gets interesting. So I don't know if you remember from before when I was blogging about buying the tickets, but my sister, our friend, and I didn't have seats together. We had one in section 120 and two (not together) in section 226. So we casually enter the section 120 area and start getting really nervous like "omg we have to split up now. this is so annoying. blah blah." But so we had decided that I would start of in the 120 section and we would switch off so I enter the door, and I give my ticket to the guy. And my sister and my friend follow me a little (just in case, you know) and it turns out that the guy isn't even really paying attention so as he's leading me to my seat, my sister and friend sneak in behind me and he doesn't even seem to care that I've only showed him one ticket. Lol. And we arrive at my seat I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was pretty close to the stage!!! Obviously not thaaaat close or anything, but SO much better than Radio City. I was seriously impressed with it. I always imagined MSG to be like absolutely huge, but it wasn't too massive or anything, so even though I was at the end opposite the stage, since I was only the floor above which wasn't a mezzanine like in Radio City, it was not bad at all! So now my sister and friend are like "okay, now that we've seen that the grass is greener on the other side, we can't go back!" So they manage to stick around a bit.

7:30 - The lights go dark. Girls start screaming. Then (insert drumroll) ED FRICKING SHEERAN COMES ON STAGE. No fancy background, no band, no nothing. Just my favorite ginger, his guitar, and his beautiful vocals. He sang "Give Me Love" (doing the gospel choir thing with the audience and all), "Lego House," "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" (and beat-boxed for like 10 minutes straight lol and he's so cute he like was kinda running out of breath at the end but he did it all and killed it) and "The A Team." He was like "This was a surprise. I was already in the neighborhood so I figured I might as well come over and sing for you guys" and I was like THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT, ED. It may have been my one and only chance to see Ed live, and I was so thankful to be to be there. It was the luckiest surprise ever. The heavens were aligned tonight. Seriously. You don't understand how much I love him. He's beyond incredible. And at one point he asks the entire audience to put out their phones so he can take a picture and it's so cute because like "d'aww even famous people feel all cute and sentimental at times." Then he leaves after like 45 minutes and it's sad, but now we're gearing up for ONE DIRECTION.

8:30 - It goes dark and an intro video comes on (different from last time) and then it's the countdown and then there's one second left and then they pop up stage and we're all screaming like crazy and I can actually kind of see them (which I could not at all last time) and I'm so overwhelmed I can't believe it and then they start singing "Up All Night" and I die. And omg I can't talk about every single song they sang but it was mostly all from the last album, then FOUR songs from "Take Me Home": "Live While We're Young," "Little Things" (ED CAME BACK ON STAGE HALWAY THROUGH THIS SONG AND SANG WITH HARRY AND IT WAS SO ADORABLE I WANTED TO CRY), "Kiss You" (I LOVE THIS SONG AND FREAKED WHEN THEY SANG IT), and "C'mon, C'mon." And omg let me think of some cute things: Niall and Louis racing up stage, Harry flipping his hair a bajillion times, Zayn smiling smugly to himself after completing an amazing riff, Liam constantly running to the left and right-most edges to get as close to the fans as possible, Niall jumping a million times (actually, they all did), Liam kicking a soccer ball up into the crowd, Harry picking up a bra and throwing it into the crowd, etc., etc. Oh, and I loved that Zayn lost the stupid skunk stripe thing in his hair because, sorry, I hated it. And Liam's new tattoos were so weird to see now lol but I love him. And Niall was being particularly cute this concert and he always seems the most like humbled by the fans I think. And actually, this concert I REALLY could feel how grateful they were to be there and how humbled they were by us all, and you could tell they were like really into it and it made the experience that much greater to see them enjoy it as much as you were, and they kept on thanking the fans and saying how unbelievable it was to be at MSG and how it was the best night of their lives, etc., etc. And I really just felt so honored to be there with them and take part in such a huge milestone with them and now I'm feeling so sentimental and awwww I love them. I really do. And oh, Zayn stole the show. I must say. He seemed to have the most solos, I don't know why, and he always seemed to be placed in the center and stuff. But I've really come to appreciate his voice. Not like I didn't before, but like everyone raves about Harry, and he's underratedly amazing. His vocal runs are incredible. And no, guys, Harry's tone does not sound the same live in "Little Things" as it does during his lyric on the album. He was still amazing, though, it just didn't sound like the new, matured Harry in the studio version. And actually you have to give all the boys credit for stepping up their game because I really feel as if they've improved a lot on their live performances. Oh and so at the end, after singing like "Kiss You," I think it was--not so sure--they're like "Kayy thanks, guys. Bye." And walk off stage. And we're all like "ummmm. Dudes. You're such bad liars because you haven't sung WMYB yet and we know you're not done." So we're like waiting around a little, but are starting to get confused as they don't come back right away. Then my phone's ringing and it's my sister and she's like "Come out now," and I'm like "What? Why?" And as I'm speaking to her, the lights go blacker and the girls start screaming again, and clearly they're coming back on, and I can't hear my sister anymore and I'm screaming "BUT THEY'RE PLAYING ANOTHER SONG" and it turns out it wasn't WMYB, it was "C'mon, C'mon" (I think). And (I heard this afterwards) my sister and friend literally sprint back up to their seats and they play two more songs (I think--my brain is turning to mush now since it's so late and I just wanna get this all down as it's fresh in my mind) and then they actually do have to leave, and it's so sad but I'm so not depressed like I was last time. This experience was MUCH more fulfilling. I'm actually so happy now. WOW. WHAT A NIGHT.

And so yeah. That's basically it. If you read all of that--wow, brownie points for you. I love you for that. And now I need to go to sleep. Talk to you all another time! Love to all! Sweet dreams! Dream happy dreams about my favorite British boys. xx

p.s. Oh wait. I just saw this now: Everyone ignores the pap and Ed, the doll that he is, goes over and talks to him. Classic Ed. Why you so cool, man? I just love you. 

p.p.s. Notice how I didn't say anything about Haylor? Yeah. That was on purpose. I'm not gonna say anything unless it becomes more real because I'm still processing it.
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