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I'm sorry I didn't use the people who commented, this is going to be a character development story :3

If you're confused about who Julian is (he's going to pop up in the story), here's the stories he was mentioned in:
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Scroll down to the bottom sort of for both stories to read about him 

Today I had lunch with Julian. The only reason why I'm nervous is because what if today he decided to get drunk again, and dragged me off in a corner somewhere. No, I mustn't think like that. I was going to have lunch with this guy, then get on with my life. I got dressed, checked my phone to see if I got any pleasant - or dreadful - texts, then I headed to the restaurant.

The restaurant, which was called Benoit Paris, looked a lot more fancier in the day than it did that night after the Lana Del Rey concert with Jacki. That whole night was sort of a blur, I was swept away in a state of reverie from Lana's voice. I looked down at my outfit, and was afraid that I had dressed too casual, but there was no time now. I sighed and pushed open the door. In a booth by the window, Julian was sitting, concentrating on something on his phone. He still looked clean-cut and trimmed , so that was a good sign that he wasn't drunk. And I felt better than he too, was casually dressed. He simple black v-neck, dark wash jeans, and a pair of black and dark blue boat shoes. 
And his shirt was definitely fitted, for you could see his well-toned abs and chest bulging through the shirt....

"Giada," he got up to greet me. He was about to give me a hug, then stopped.

"Sorry," he coughed and gave an apologetic smile. "We don't know each other that well to do that." he stuck out his hand for a handshake. I shook it back and awkwardly smiled, slightly disappointed. That hug would have felt great...

"It's fine." I replied and sat down. "So you're a waiter here, what's the best thing they have?" Julian smiled.

"Well, their pasta is /really/ good. That's what I usually get here." I frowned.

"Oh, come on. I'm from /Italy/. Do you really think I came all the way to France to eat something I ate like 3 times a week?" Julian laughed.

"You asked." As he said that, a waiter came up.

"Normally, I'd say like hell I'd wait to one of my co-workers, but since you're my friend, I suppose I'll be your waiter." the waiter pretended to be annoyed, but smirked.

"Yeah, yeah whatever Jacob." Julian rolled his eyes and laughed. Jacob looked over at me, and his eyes sparkled.

"Wellllll, Julian. If I knew you were bringing such a beautiful lady with you, I wouldn't have complained so much about being your waiter." I blushed as Jacob turned to me. "And you are, mademoiselle?" 

"Giada. Julian's friend." Not really. But it would prevent Jacob from cracking any couple jokes. 

"Well Julian, and Julian's friend, what would you guys care to eat?" Jacob took out his pad and pen.

"Just get me my usual." Julian stated. "What do you want?" I bit my lip and looked at my menu. I knew enough French to get me around, but not /this/ much French. And I didn't want to ask for help/

"I'll just get what he's having," I told Jacob. Jacob scribbled down the orders and went back to the kitchen.

"So Julian," I took a sip of my water. "Besides you getting crazy when you drink, tell me about yourself." Julian laughed and shook his head, putting his elbows on the table. 

"Well. My name is Julian Marsicano. I'm from Italy as well. Verona to be exact." My eyebrows rose in alarm. A fellow Italian. I should've know the first time he told me his name. I mean, it's Marsicano. /Very/ Italian. 

"I moved here 5 years ago to finish high school, and now I'm currently studying and getting my degrees at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne to become a lawyer." I nodded in admiration.

"Back in Verona, both my parents died in a car crash when I was 9, and I lived with my grandparents from then until I was 17, which is when I moved here. I'm so grateful for them. If they hadn't taken me in, I would've been in an orphanage or somewhere on the streets." Julian looked out the window, lost in thought. I nodded solemnly and sadly, and also made a mental note that he was now 22. I never asked his age. Julian looked back at me, then snapped out of his thoughts and smiled. 

"So now I'm here. Your turn." 

"Well. I'm Giada Angioli, but everyone calls me Gia. I'm from Venice, Italy. I moved here a little over a month ago and I study at La Paris Academie to become an artist." Julian nodded and smiled.

"My family isn't too exciting. Just my mom, dad, and I. And my cocker spaniel, Flush. I had a pretty normal childhood. The only problem I had was my alcoholic grandfather. But he died." Julian nodded me on to continue.

"Painting is my life. I painted everyday back at home; when I was upset, when I was bored, when I was inspired. Just whenever I could. I've even had my work shown in a gallery." Julian did a mini applause and smiled. 

"My parents support me, but they said that I must finish all of my studies and pass them in order for them to /continue/ to support me after I graduate. So yeah, that's pretty much it." And as I finished, Jacob came back with our food. 

"I should've known pasta was the usual." I laughed as I began to twirl by pasta.

"Well, you know. We're Italian. Pasta's in our blood." Julian smirked.


Julian and I continued to talk while and after we ate, and when we left the restaurant, we got ice cream and sat in the park, continuing to talk. We talked more about our lives, and our hopes for the future. I had left for lunch at 1, and it wasn't 6 until I got home. Julian walked me back to LPA. 

"I had a lovely day with you, Miss Gia." Julian said

"I did too, it was nice being able to talk about things." I replied. And I meant it.

"Well by now, I'm sure you trust me enough and know I'm not a drunkard or a rapist, so would you like to hang out again sometime?" I hesitated. Did I want to?

"Yeah that would be great." The words flew out before I could stop myself. Julian smiled. 

"Good." We ended up exchanging numbers. "I'll text you. Goodnight, Giada." he grabbed my hand and kissed it, then walked off into the evening. 

I rushed upstairs, my hand tingling where he kissed it. 

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