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edit 12/04/16: top set! thank you poly! 


yo i decided to post my other draft

also i think i promised i'd do a life update so here's the scoop (not in any order):
-i have a new niece and she's rlly cute
-my hedgie died a week after i got him and i don't know why
-me and hannah spent halloween together and it was lit
-i have discovered the harry potter books and they're killing me and i love them ;-;
-i cut my hair shortish again 
-i finished psych and am now obsessed with the new macgyver series
-the dwts s23 final made me a lil sad because i wanted james hinchcliffe to win so bad but not super sad bc laurie hernandez was awesome too
-i slept until noon on thanksgiving by accident oops
-i'm looking back at my oldish sets and wow the descriptions are so cringey

i'm sure there are lots of other things but i'm lazy and that's all i can think of right now 

whale, that's all for now. since i'll have to actually /make/ a set the next time i post, it might be a while. depends on if i get relatively motivated or not. 

if ya read this nonsense, comment the tv show you're currently obsessed with ;);)

love and be loved. 
main : @faith-and-metanoia
side : @s-apphire 

ps /self promo sorry/ you should follow me on vsco and insta *wink wink* they're both lifeofkathryn ok bye

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