Song: I Belong to You
Artist: Muse

Diana Agron as Tanya Denali 



Plot: After Edward mentions Bella (in Midnight Sun) Tanya is interested in who this "Bella" is. She comes right as Edward leaves Bella in New Moon. Tanya then is angry at Edward for being a fool, and hurting the human girl, so she decides to help Bella. And soon they develop feelings for each other. Bella confesses that she never loved Edward as much as Alice, but she would never ruin the relationship Alice and Jasper had. Soon, Bella forgets all about Edward.

NO ONE has entered the contest. It's a simple contest. Use the song "I Belong to You" by Muse in a set about the Twilight Saga or the actors/actresses. Non-Canon pairings (like Alice/Jacob) including crossovers(Alice/Draco etc), and fanfics are allowed as well. 3 set limit.
It ends in 28 DAYS
And note: when I title a set PROMO, it means I am promoting a contest; trying to get people to enter and would really appreciate if you also commented on the set if you plan to join instead of just faving it.
FEMSLASH (girl/girl pairing) WARNING:
If you do not like same gender pairings, do not look at this set. No flaming in the comments, I will not tolerate homophobia. if you don't like this set because of same gender pairings JUST IGNORE the set and leave me alone. I will not tolerate any harassment. Sorry for being hard, but I am tired of homophobia, and "WTF" or "Eww!" or "sick" comments. Leave nice comments.
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