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♡ set 3 ♡ 
[x] make a simple set
[x] use sneakers in your set
[x] use a picture i clipped from  ;( hint: ) 
[x] add a clothing item from your favourite company
-- two items actually! the top is from topshop, & the skirt is from zara!
[x] in the description, say what your aesthetic is, provide examples and tell why you like that aesthetic
-- uh so irl i don't actually dress this way, but i really like minimalistic clothing, so i suppose that's my aesthetic. tbh it depends on what kind of mood i'm feeling. the majority of the time though, i like minimalistic with an urban vibe? tbh i really like tothe9's & rosiecheeks&freckles' clothing!
[x] in the description, explain why you like that clothing company
-- topshop & zara literally have the cutest clothing in the world, omg. the quality's always really good, and the price isn't soooo overpriced.
[x] fill out a tag in the description
-- will be down below!
[x] tag @baesically-addy and put #addys3kchallenge in the description 
tag ; (it's 12:30 & i have to head to bed bc i have lots & lots of tests tomorrow, so i just did the first tag i saw - from @/she-never-falls-in-love)
1) when is your b-day? april 10
2) what are three of your fav colors? peach, lavender, mint
3) what are your three fav quotes?
tbh i don't have fav quotes, lo siento
4) are you addicted to youtube? sure
5) what are three of your fav tv shows? grey's anatomy, htgawm, friends
6) what are three qualities you like in your friend? funny, nice, & caring (my answers r so avg, sorry yo)
7) do you like your name? not really haha
8) if you could pick your own name, what would it be? uhhhh i like the name's avery & delilah, but i wouldn't name myself that LOL
9) what is your dream? make bank
10) do you wear makeup? eh
11) if you could write a book, what would it be about? i really like that one book that has like '___ reasons to be happy' & it has like 500 reasons or something like that. so a book similar to that! v v v cute
12) what makes you cry? not making bank
13) what makes you angry? fOOD SMACKING
14) what makes you happy? high off life bro (no jk. 1d makes me happy haHAHahHHAhA)
15) what is fangirling? when people go mentally insane over celebrities
16) what are your three fav snacks? cheese, trail mix, popcorn 
17) what are your three fav foods? sweet potato fries, regular fries, curly fries
18) what are your three fav drinks? english breakfast tea, green / peppermint tea, & diet coke
19) tell us a little bit about yourself: im cool
20) what are ten random facts about you?
1. i have a headache
2. i need to go to sleep
3. i love zayn
4. i love one direction
5. i love frank ocean
6. i love kehlani
7. i love ariana grande
8.  i love the arctic monkeys
9. i love sarah baska
10. i love you!

ya ya ya ya ya ya that's about it
i'm sorry i was going to have this huuuge paragraph thing but i'm so sleepy & tired & i shouldn't be on my laptop

ps, sorry, i was suuuuper rushed!
& thank you so much for top fashion set!!!
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