20 Korean Guys Challenge (Part 2):

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Lately I'm having some SHINee feelings, though not as intense as before cause of course I'm Teen Top/ukiss obsessed at the moment so yeah.... whatever xD I must be so far the only person fangirling over Teen Top/Shinee interaction yesterday in MNET COUNTDOWN though I really wanted TT to win cause I like better their album than SHINee's but well again, Shinee could simply sing a kids song and yet win number 1 so no surprise there . 

anyhow,since ever I started the challenge I've been trying so effingly hard to choose someone to fill this category but seriously it's incredible I couldn't until recently.... xD
and why did I choose our Onew to go to the beach with me? simply! He's so weird, I had almost forgotten how weird he can be! I was watching SHINee's Wonderful Day and though I know I'd totally prefer someone as Minho to travel with, I'd still be more confortable with someone like Onew in a tropical scenario xD why? because I'd be so self conscious and he'd help me to ease my stressed self xD he's so cute!! I think he's one of the few idols I love I haven't seen in real life yet! and he'll forever be in my top 5 of the best voices, along Yoseobie and Soo... 

In a total different note I'm currently writing a story based on the crime scene contest from the other day... http://www.polyvore.com/what_would_you_do_without/set?id=74128450 idk. I just felt so inspired over it and it coincided with my CSI marathon of last month so yeah.... hope you guys will take some time to read it xD 

the set's kinda fugly but yeah I'm done with the challenge!!!!! (just part2 though) WHOOOOOOO!
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