12 waffling ave, le fay square

Rose's flat, inspired by @ irtis's flat collection
{ smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies wafts through the flat. natural light brightens up the whole place. a little pug skitters between legs. the tea kettle is always on. post cards from family covers the fridge. an old typewriter sits at a desk. claw foot bathtub. it feels like home. flower print curtains. clothes out on a rack. fairy lights everywhere. a welcome mat smiles up at guests. scattered tarot cards. an appointment book lays open on the counter. wine glasses set out. quotes written on every loose scrap paper. polaroids hung up. quilts thrown over the couch. a place just as warm and welcoming as Rose. }


Wrote 4 months ago
LMAO legit Mei Mei probably sleeps next to Rose everytime she's there

Wrote 4 months ago
YESSSSS the cats are always welcomed at Rose's flat !! c: she'll steal Mei Mei tho @zorrohadad

Wrote 4 months ago
yES. Sleepovers ALL THE TIME. also she needs to bring her cats away from too much magic from the books haha

Wrote 4 months ago
ahhhhh yesssss they're literally always at each other's places !!! @zorrohadad

Wrote 4 months ago
ok so Grace loves Rose's flat it is her second home IT'a gorgeous

Wrote 4 months ago
@enjoyvampire thank you!!
@all-tips-around-world thank you, thank you!! I really appreciate that c:

Wrote 4 months ago
I love it! It reminds me on late summer/early autumn and it is so beautiful!

Wrote 4 months ago

Wrote 4 months ago
@ridleys aw thank you lovely!! c:

Wrote 4 months ago
I love this collection so much <3


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