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1 year
1 entire year since that f*ck tard tried to take advantage of me
now ur 18
do it again and ur arrested buddy boy

jamming to thed dirty heads atm
crying every day all week
got my period today but those hormones didnt hit me till a few days ago
there is so much going on
boys confusing me
erik never hanging out nor talking tha tmuch
fights with the family 
never hanging out with friends
my best friend can never hangout or talk either
i just feel so ..... alone.
and this one year shiiit is hitting me hard
i need someone right now.
and no one is there to lend a helping hand
my family tried but everytime i try to talk about it they blame me
'we warned you about this'
'you shouldn't have drank'
'it could have been worse'
'the past is the past stop worrying'
i just wanna scream STOP.
they try to make me feel better but they only make me feel worse....
i know. i know i could have been r@ped.
yeah i know i shouldnt have drank, but you tell that to me a year ago when a few weeks prior my mother was just caught cheating on my father, my parents are getting a divorce and my house is a h3ll hole?!
i know its in the past, but its hard to move on from it or see past it when all i know that happened is all my drunknesss body was awake for. i dont know what happened. i WOKE UP to that shit.
i sound ridiculous.
im glad noone reads this
or knows fully what im talking about
this shitt is hard
and i just wanna get outta my house for a few days have a friend here
the one day i need a friend or my boyfriend
yet again... noone is here.
peacee i suppose
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