Giada "Gia" Angioli, 21
~From: Venice, Italy
Giada or "Gia" as her friends like to call her, is a born artist. She loves to paint and has even been part of small exhibitions in her beautiful hometown. Gia does not care about her looks, she puts something one blindly in the morning and boom! looks gorgeous. All she cares about are her paintings, which are extraordinary. She has never been seen dating a boy. What does that make her? We don't know yet. The only thing to be sure of is that her parents made an arrangement with her concerning her occupation. If she finishes university with excellent grades, they'll finance her career as a painter.
But is that everything there is to it? We've also heard gossip that a marriage is also involved, but who knows?
~Model: Maisie Williams 

~top three


Painting is life for me. I live for the amazing smell of the paint, and the feel of the brush hitting the canvas. When I paint all of my problems go away. I completely zone out and nothing can take me out of that trance until I'm done with my work. 

"Ahhh..okay...Mom? Where is my paintbrush? The one with the blue tip! That's my lucky one and I need it to finish this piece for that contest I was telling you about! The deadline is in a week." I bend down to pick up a whole bunch of papers I dropped when I was falling /up/ the stairs. Only me. I was heading to my painting room, the place I could spend the rest of my days. 

"You dropped it on the floor by your room, so I put it back in your paint can." As I walked in, my mom leaned on the door. "Giada, you need to focus more on getting ready for school than the contest. Classes at La Paris Academie start in two weeks, have you even started packing, or buying supplies and clothes?" 

I groaned. "Mom, yes I've started to get ready. I've started packing and buying stuff. But this contest is really important to me. If I hurry up and finish now, then I can focus on getting ready for school." I placed the papers on the table and grabbed my brush. 

My mom sighed. "Gia, come to your room for a second." I rolled my eyes, sighed, and followed her to my room. "Now, listen. I understand completely how important painting is to you. And though I would prefer a better-paying profession, your father and I support you because we love you. Now you know our terms. Finish LPA with excellent grades, and then we will finance your career. No excuses. Now we want you to completely focus on your studies. If you're going to do your painting there, then fine. But we will not allow painting to become top priority over your studies. Do I make that clear?"

I sighed. "Yes, mother I do. And I won't. I'll do my best with my studies." I gave her a faint smile for reassurance. And I was serious, I was going to do my earnest best. 

She smiled and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. "That's my girl. Do some packing a little later for me." She got up and walked out the room. I sighed and turned to look at my almost-finished painting. 

~Possible love interest
Brian Ellerton

(O8.14.13 - 1OO+ ♥ )
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