"How are you?" hug tryna be friendly
"Im fine" too fake of a smile its obvious and a half ass hug
*disaproving look* "you dont look it how are you?"
again he gives a fake ass smile "Im fine." *walks out of room*

"You know you can talk to me ya know!" 
"There isn't much to say."
my face : 0.0 "WOW."
""What...?!" turns around confused
"Ok im walking away!" turns away about to cry... hurt.
i look back to see tony walking away not caring.....
he basically just said he doesnt wanna talk to me... and he doesnt even feel bad.
he used to be my best friend
id come to him wihth everything
then he fuckks me over
and i suddenly loose him as a friend....

awesome... :,(
p.s-this song describes my life... i cant get over tony... he.. i lke him more than a like. i wont say love though. he doesnt deserve it... but i sure as hell was more than in like with him... oh well... you dont want me as a friend what do my feelings and tears matter to you...
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