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~virginia hills boarding school for troubled youth 
~01.20 - half day due to flu

This flu was no joke, half the student body was in their dorms, coughing their lungs out, sneezing, vomiting; it was disgusting. I was one of the lucky ones and I planned on staying lucky. I was staying in my dorm all day, leaving only if necessary. And that was fine enough with me, because I was still pissed off with Holden. I realized I had become a very moody person in the past weeks. Having to go here in the first place, along with getting into this petty drama was taking a toll on my emotions. I could also blame this on the fact that it was "that time of the month." Great. I headed into the bathroom to grab some Ibuprofen for the cramps when I realized I had none left. 

"Dammit," I said, slamming the medicine cabinet up. And I had like only two more tampons left. /Now/ I actually had to leave the dorm. I groaned as I put on a coat, grabbed my purse, and was out the door. 


I headed into the drug store, groaning all the way. I was majorly cramping and I was afraid I would come in contact with an infected VH student. This place should be packed with them, buying tissues, cough drops, over-the-counter medicines; again, disgusting. I headed over to the feminine products aisle when I saw Liliana contemplating on which tampons to buy. I smirked a little bit, remembering my little prank on her I did with her drink. Hope she had fun with Dakota. Liliana noticed me and smiled. 

"Hey, Cece." I nodded and walked over to her. 

"Hey. Trying to determine which ones to buy?" Liliana nodded, looking at the Kotex and Playtex boxes she was holding. 

"Yeah, I'm trying a new brand, my other one sucked." I smirked, taking the Playtex box out of her hand and putting it back on the shelve. 

"Get Kotex," I offered, grabbing a box for myself. "They're super comfortable. Been using them for around two years." Liliana smiled.

"Alright then, Kotex it is. Thanks." we both headed over to the counter to pay for our things. 

"So you managed to not catch the flu?" she asked me, handing her items over to the cashier. I nodded.

"Yeah, and I hope it stays that way. I see you're fine as well." Liliana nodded.

"Yep, but my stomach had been bothering me for a few days. I don't know if you heard, but somebody supposedly spiked my drink with vodka at the West Dorms' party." she paid the cashier. "I never drink, so it didn't sit well with my stomach. But I'm fine now." I nodded, pretending as if I had not a clue.

"Oh, that sucks.." I paid the cashier. "Well it's good you're better now." we both walked out the drug store.

"Yeah, I know right. Well it was good seeing you." Liliana smiled. I smiled back and we both went our separate ways. I started walking back home and when I turned the corner, I spotted Rosie. She was sitting on a bench checking her phone.

"Hey, Rosie." I greeted. She looked up and smiled. 

"Hey, Cece. What brings you out here?" I held up my bag and rolled my eyes.

"Mother Nature called." Rosie laughed and gave me a sympathetic look. 

"Aw, that sucks. But at least you're not sick with the flu. I /had/ to get out that school, the air was thick with the smell of sick people and cough meds." Rosie cringed and laughed. We chatted for a little while longer about school and stuff, when a car had pulled up and rolled its window down. It was Holden.

"You have got to be f*cking kidding me." I muttered under my breath. Rosie turned her head and saw Holden. An uncomfortable look crossed her face.

"Hey Rosie.." Holden said to her. Rosie offered an awkward smile and wave. 

"Cece, please come with me. We need to talk." I glared at him. 

"Why should I? I spat out." Holden gave me a pleading look.

"We need to sort this out. I have to explain." I looked at Rosie. She gave a look saying I should go. I rolled my eyes and got up. Holden wouldn't leave until I did and I could tell this was an awkward situation for Rosie.

"I'll see you later, Rose.." I said behind my back to her.

"Bye. Oh hey, I wanted to ask if you wanted to grab lunch with me sometime this week...say Thursday?" I turned and nodded. Rosie smiled and I got into the car.


"Do you want something to drink? Coke, juice?" Holden asked me. We were in his dorm and I was sitting on his bed. I don't know why I sat there, that was such a /foward/ decision. But it looked comfier than his couch and chairs, so why not. I rolled my eyes.

"Cut the guest sh*t, why am I here?" I spat out. Holden sighed and sat on his bed next to me.

"I wanted to apologize about what I did on Wednesday..." he seemed to cringe at the memory. Maybe he was sorry about it.

"What the hell was your problem?" I said, angrily. "You were completely fine, and then all of a sudden you're angry and then go bat-sh*t crazy on me and hit me!" I stood up and faced him. "I had to put on makeup to cover the big purple bruise you left, and it still slightly hurts to the touch." Holden looked up at me, his eyes watering. I looked at him and softened up a little bit. Was he about to /cry/? I sat down on the couch by his bed.

"And I have been feeling incredibly guilty about it since then." Holden sighed. "As soon as I did it, all I thought was oh sh*t, what had I just done. But I need to tell you why I'm at this school, maybe that'll explain why I did it." I looked at him. I realized I didn't even know why he was in the school, and he didn't know why I was here either. 

"I'm here for severe anger issues," Holden began. He looked at me to make sure I was listening. I nodded and he continued.

"Nobody recalls when it started, but I believe it was when my older brother was killed in a car accident. We were so close and when he died, I completely shut down. After that, I noticed I had become an angry kid. I punched holes in the wall, destroyed things, yelled at people. And when I became mad enough, I would hit the closest person near me, it didn't matter if my anger was targeted towards them or not. Now when I had hit you, I don't even remember what I was angry about. But it was definitely not towards you. As I was ripping pages out of books, it was helping me vent, but it was only making me angrier. And when you had touched me, I guess that was just the icing on the cake. So I swung. Now I know that has no excuse, but I hope it explains why I hit you, and that it had nothing to do with you." Holden finished and breathed, as if he didn't take a breath throughout the whole story. He looked at me and waited for a response. 

I looked at him, and I realized I wasn't angry anymore. It was understandable now. I mean we're all here for f*cked up reasons, right? We all seemed to be screwed up in the head one way or the other. I was willing to accept what he said, he can't help his anger. So I got up from the couch and walked over to him. I bent down so I was eye level with him, and then I kissed him. He was taken aback at first, but then kissed me back. When I pulled away, he was dazed but smiling, his eyes twinkling.

"You're going to have to work on that hitting though." I smirked and sat down next to him, putting my head on his shoulder. 

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