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so last night i found out that polyvore hid a shitload of my sets because apparently i used items there that are invalid and were deleted. (some of the items contained images of drugs etc, so i get it. but the other stuff? f*ck me i have no clue).

which means that even after i reposted those sets, they looked like shit because those removed items took an active place in the sets and were visibly missing there, so it all really looked like a mess.

now i dont know about you, but i take polyvore very seriously, ive been a member for 6 years now and im here almost on a daily basis since i first logged in, to me the sets that people post here are ART in the full sense of the word.

when i make a set, i put there so much more than just pictures of clothing. each and every one of the items represent something, and has a purpose. they reflect my mood, my sadness, my happiness, i get inspired by personal stuff and its almost like putting your soul on a plate out in the open. and to see those sets were hidden and destroyed really hurt me. it made me really pissed off and it was as if polyvore came and took a shit (sorry for being rude) over my (and i believe other members too) creations, and its no different than coming and changing a story you wrote or cutting a hole in the middle of a dress you designed.

you wanna take down the sets? fine. but i just think there could be another way to do this, like at least inform the member exactly which set was hidden, or give the member a deadline and a chance to fix this before it goes down. but this.... to me its just disrespectful, especially the use of censorship in a site that is all about clothes, art and innovation seems a little odd.

i just wish i could do something about it but for now just write it all down seems like a good enough idea....
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