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1st, Saturday. 2014- Since all the students have been behaving (ha, "behaving") properly these past weeks, some of VH's faculty is taking the students to the school-owned cabin in the mountains for the weekend. Pack warm clothes, it'll be cold and snowing

omg ugh ik this story is like almost 3 weeks late, SO SORRY! my tardiness is due to 3/4 school, 1/4 laziness. this is my excuse for the next few stories 

"This weekend will be fun for us. Being in a secluded area surrounded by nature." Holden suggested as he threw a sweatshirt at my head. I had requested one of his sweatshirts to wear so I can lounge around in it over this weekend. 

"Thank you," I remarked as I stuffed his sweatshirt in with the rest of my stuff. "And it will. It just depends on the way you go about it." I turned to wink and smile at him and he rose an eyebrow in a challenging way and walked towards me. I turned back towards my bag and started packing.

"And how do you think we should go about it." I felt him whisper into my ear, causing me to shiver. Having his low, seductive voice in my ear and his presence behind me definitely made me tense up. But it felt good. I turned towards him and our faces were barely an inch apart. I looked at his mouth and then into his eyes. 

"If you'd just pop the question, I think it would do us a favor." I said breathlessly. Sh*t, I thought. I was not supposed to be the one inferring that I wanted a relationship. But I mean, I couldn't hang on forever. We needed to see if this would work out. I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw that Holden's expression was a satisfied one. He bit his lip and looked me directly in my eyes. 

"You ruined the fun, love." he responded. "You were supposed to let me pop that question tomorrow night somewhere deep in the beautiful mountains. But that doesn't mean we can't use this place for another special moment." I grinned.

"So...?" I said, teasing him. I hadn't noticed that we were backing up until the back of my legs had hit the bed, causing me to stumble slightly. He sighed.

"Oh, Caroline...will you me mine?" I burst out into laughter. 

"Oh, /gosh/ that was too corny for life!" I said in between laughter. 

"Oh really?" he gently pushed me on my bed, causing me to let out a little squeal. He was now on top of me and I melted into his deep green eyes " Is this corny?" And then his soft lips pressed into mine.

"No...that was anything but..." I said breathlessly after he parted. Holden smirked and got up, helping me up as well. We continued packing and as we did I smiled the whole time. I had a boyfriend. 


Holden and I got on the bus hand-in-hand and all eyes were on us. A few eyes widened, a few smiled. I returned the smile and we both sat down. A felt a tap on the shoulders and I turned to see Gail and Issy.

"You guys go out now?" Gail asked, her eyes expectant. I rolled my eyes and nodded. She let out a little squeal of joy and I couldn't help but laugh. 

"It's about time!" Issy said and lightly nudged my arm. 

"Yes, yes, we're one happy family now." Holden said dramatically as he turned to them. Both girls looked at him wide-eyed as if they were surprised he spoke to them. "If you guys don't mind, me and my girl were planning on sleeping the whole trip there so we'll talk to ya in the mountains." the girls laughed and I smacked him on the shoulder, pretending to chastise him. I turned and gave them an apologetic smile although I was secretly happy he stopped all of the conversation. A nap sounded perfect right now. Holden took a blanket out of his backpack and wrapped it around us. He put his arm around me and I adjusted myself as I put my head on his chest. He smelled so good it hurt. Within minutes I was sound asleep...


"Cece wake up...we're here." I groaned as I slowly got up and looked out the window. He woke me up just in time for me to see the whole entire mountain. It was /gorgeous/.

"Wow." that was all I can say as Holden and I got out of the bus and went into the massive cabin area. Oh yeah, this was going to be a great weekend. 

Holden and I lounged about and walked around for a little while and then he went to go hang with the guys while I went to go "hang" with the girls. I decided to go join Rosie, Liliana, and Issy in their little group. I didn't care anymore if Liliana found out about everything and if Rosie still hated me. This weekend was not about to be ruined by anything. 

"Hey guys," I announced myself. Liliana and Issy said hi and smiled, even Rosie gave a faint smile. Okay, so things must be okay now.

"We were just talking about Issy and Finny." Liliana gave a devious smile in Issy's direction. Issy's face turned bright red. 

"Oh really?" I rose and eyebrow and smiled. I didn't know much about Finny and Issy's little fling, but I knew enough from what I heard around. "Well, anything could happen in the mountains. They hold all our secrets." Issy let out a nervous laugh while Rosie snorted. 

"Anyways...what do you think about the new girl, Kaden?" Issy asked.

"She's alright, I guess." Liliana shrugged. I nodded in agreement as I started to pick at my nails. I heard about her, total sex fiend. Loved ruining relationships. I'd need to check her. But behind all of that, her sense of style was pretty bada*s, so I gave her props for that.

 After a little more talking, I said bye to the girls and headed up to my room. I put on Holden's sweatshirt, some plaid flannel pajama pants, put my hair up in a messy bun, and let the world go away for a little while as I listened to my music. 

I was in a good place in my life, and it's been a long time since I've felt this happy. I was peaceful and content and I never wanted that to change. 

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