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 I was tagged by @freja-kurup

1. Who's your best friend(s)?
I have three, two girls and one guy. Yara, Silvia and Bernardo
2. Have you ever been on a date?
3. Do you have a tumblr, and if yes, what's the url?
Yes, I have a few, but my main ones are:

4. Who's your favorite actor?
I have a lot of respect for many, but I'd say Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp, Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody, Diego Luna, etc, but I probably forgot a lot of good ones. 

5. What's your zodiac?

6. How many boyfriends, have you had?

7. Favorite perfume?
I like a fair amount of perfumes, if I had to name one or two I would say Parisienne by YSL and the old Vanilla Oil by The Body Shop
8. favorite restaurant?
I don't like many chain restaurants, but there are a few good vegetarian and vegan restaurants where I live so a few of those could qualify as my favourites
9. McDonalds VS. Sunset VS. Burger King?
10. Would you rather be a career woman or house mom?
Career woman 

11. Do you do your brows?


My questions:
1) What do you usually have for breakfast?
2) If you had to pick one country to spend the rest of your life in, which would you choose?
3) Have you had many life-turning events so far?
4) What's your favourite scent (not perfumes, I mean the smells you find within nature, places, people, things)
5) Do you prefer the city or the country?
6) Have you ever gone on a roadtrip?
7) What's your favourite book?
8) What's a song you associate with a particular period of your life?
9) Is there a specific event or moment you recall with a special fondness and nostalgia? Could you tell us?
10) Are you a good secret keeper?
11) Do you strive to live your life to its maximum potential?


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