Artist/Band Of The Day: All Time Low
Featured Song: Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal
Album/EP: Nothing Personal (2010)
Wednesday. December 18, 2013

This is by far my most favorite All Time Low song. And Nothing personal is my favorite album of theirs. I could listen to this all day everyday. Anyone want to join?
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@thedeargooddead My first tag-lister and an ∀ɯɒzıuƃ writer. Okay, I know you said that what you had before was just fine, but too bad. You get something more. Why? Because you’re supermegaawesomefoxyhot. That’s why. Okay, now I’m done
@gwendolyn-mcintyre Simply speaking you are my best friend on here. You were the first person I remember talking to and I never told you this, but I was completely amazed at how you just flat out asked me if we wanted to be friends on here. Not knowing anyone on here I quickly grabbed at this and what I want to say now is that I have never regretted that decision once.
@always-audrey Finally! Someone on here who I know for certain likes classic rock, probably as much as I do. Especially when it comes to AC/DC. Just so you know, you broke the brownie point scale for my book just for that. And yes that’s a good thing. At this time I’m going to drastically change topics and say that I love your sets. I’m just going to marry them. Every last, single one of ‘em. Would it be creepy if I just go through all of your sets and like all of the ones I haven’t yet? Expect me to do that one of these days.
@nekoprincess pretty much every time we talk I learn something new about you and that something makes me go “OMG! Me too!” Seriously, we both like MJF, watch the news, and love dancing among other things. I just like having someone else on here that I can relate to as much as I can relate with you
@par0dise Oh. My. God. Your. Sets. Woman. All I can say right now is that jealously is a b*tch on my part. Can I just go through every set of your and like them all? Please!
@novelas-de-rayita123 Okay, seriously you need more followers! Your sets are just too good to not have that many followers. To anyone whose actually reading this click on the actual tag and then hit the follow button. Do it and do it now.
@dreamer4lifexx Your sets girl! What is this amazingness and don’t you have any more followers? Seriously, you deserve way more than what I already have!
@graceful-whovian We really need to talk more on here. Seriously, one of these days I’m actually going to sit down and watch pretty much every episode of every fandom (that has a T.V. show) that you belong to and then I’ll be able to talk to you more and other on here <3
@janedoe-neverletmego Why is it that the people on here who make better sets than me have less followers than I do? Let’s take you as an example. Way better quality in your sets but not the right number of followers to match…
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