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Hey so you have to answer 20 questions honestly and then tag 20+ people and put who tagged you
i was tagged by @higherbrain

1. The meaning behind my blog ( your poly blog)
my polyvore page is probably my favorite thing, the only thing i can say im proud of. its like my virtual portfolio, and its important to me on the emotional level too because i usually make sets based on things that im obsessed about so when i look back it brings me back to the actual day i made this set and its a nice feeling of nostalgia...
i basically cant live without romanticizing every single thing ever.

2. Weakness
i really have too many... good or bad.
one of the bad is how much i love "things". just things. everything i see and like i decide that i just "need" to have it, and it never ends. i always have to remind myself that i cant have every little thing i want, and that it will never make me whole.

3. Why I love my bestfriend
to be honest i dont really have best friends anymore. i guess it's more of a teenage phase and as you get older you realize its every man to himself.

4. Last time I cried and why
a few days ago when i saw an interview with belladonna (yes, the porn star) and it made me very emotional because how much she reminds me of myself.

5. Piercings I have
ear one: 4 earlobes and 2 helix's
ear two: 5 earlobes and a rook
septum, sidelip which i dont wear at the moment
and lower belly button

6. Favorite Band
right now it's probably die antwoord or odd future. it changes occasionally

7. Biggest turn off(s)
narrow and closed minded people

8. Top 5 Places You Want To Go
1 amsterdam (ive been there before but i really want to come back) 2 brazil (soon!) 3 cuba (hopefully soon too) 4 spain spain SPAIN 5 mexico :)

9. Tattoos I want
"we look at the same sky" on my neck and a portrait of my cat on my arm

10. Biggest turn ons
freckles, beautiful smile,, huge shining eyes, good taste in music... the list is painfully endless.

11. Age

12. Ideas of a perfect date
the perfect date is a none-date. i dont do dates, so when i go out with a friend and suddenly it becomes flirty fun and easy going, (not that it ever happened) but this is the perfect date to me

13. Life goal(s)
my goal is to be happy and do what i want to do, just travel and have fun and make money from things that i actually like doing

14. Piercings I want
i want to bring my tragus to life and thats pretty much all

15. Relationship status
forever single

16. Favorite movie
fight club and recently i watched "crystal fairy" and LOVED IT so i strongly recommend.

17. A fact about my life
it sucks at the moment

18. Phobia
too many i guess

19. Middle name

20. Tattoos I have
"muse" on my wrist and "cueva del gato" in red on my other arm

i tag
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