What a day! At first they were doing an all white contest at work so Suleima put together an outfit for that.(She borrowed her sis-in-law's brand new shoes without telling her. Then her mother-in-law comes looking for Suleima on her lunch break because mother-in-law wants someone to go to a funeral with her. An old acquaintaince had suddenly died and her family was burying her within 24 hours as per muslim tradition. The family requested people wear white. Mother-in-law was so impressed with Suleima's outfit that she took off her abaya/jilbab and gave it to Suleima to wear and they stopped at local boutique and picked up another one for the mother-in-law. After that Suleima went back to work. (the place had a work slowdown so her direct supervisor gave Suleima the time off) Before she could take off the abaya/jilbab, our overall supervisor comes out of his office and says "Gee, its one thing to be a muslim but did you have to be all hardcore about it?" All hell broke loose as a flying milkshake exploded over said supervisor's head. Every other muslima in the place had exploded in anger. Human Resources spent 2 hours taking complaints. I don't know who threw the milkshake but I'm glad they did though. Now the jerk had to change his shorts and sleeveless mesh t-shirt with his underarm hair sticking out. And this fool was complaining that Suleima was too modest? I told him that he needed to find a jilbab ASAP except it would be an insult to the jilbab and while he was at it he needed to shave his underarms and get some Sure! How Gross!
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