Psuedo audition set for my second choice character.

So, I have this problem where I want to help people I see on here [and sometimes on tumblr] overcome their problems that they either express or unintentionlly display, whatever those may be, but it conflicts with my generally annoyance of things like teenage angst, and my intolerance for eating disorders especially, and this basically turns me into the drill sergeant of internet therapy. What I end up doing instead of these conflicting anger/sympathy is I unfollow people. 
Being in the older age demo of this website now, it's weird being around so much teenage drama. Weird in, annoying and exhausting.

I dunno. I just got back from abnormal psych and we were talking about diagnosis and therapy. 

In other news, I love the Mittens for this part. You disrespect the Mittens you disrespect me, and I'll disrespect yo mamma.
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