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✿ who was the last person you held hands with?
- boyfriend c;
✿ are you outgoing or shy?
- depends who i’m with but usually outgoing
✿ who are you looking forward to seeing?
- my dogggg bc he’s going to the vet to have a checkup and he hates those and gets all sad and stuff so i’m cheering him up when he gets back 
✿ are you easy to get along with?
- if we both like each other then we’ll get along fine 
✿ if you were drunk, what person would you want to take care of you?
- my friends sophia, allison, paige, or aaron or boyfriend bc even if we break up we’ve already established we’re still going to be friends c;
✿ what kind of people are you attracted to?
- uhm i just like nice people who mean well and aren’t like secretly plotting to leave you in a ditch and then go on vacation and wat i don’t even know what that was
✿ does talking about s-x make you uncomfortable?
- no unless you’re like really going on about it 
✿ who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
- my parents
✿ what does the most recent text you sent say?
- that’s a surprise .x
✿ what are you 5 favourite songs right now?
- uhmmm anything on midnight memories, juliet by lawson, love club by lorde, wake me up by avicii and that’s more than 5 so i’ll stop
✿ do you like it when people play with your hair?
- well obviously not if you’re a stranger and all like YOUR HAIR IS SO SOFT I SHOULD TAKE SOME nooooo get away from me and no one will get hurt. ok but i like it when people i know play with my hair .x 
✿ do you believe in luck or miracles?
- luck no, miracles YES
✿ what good thing happened this summer?
- uhm i went to Hawaii for two weeks that was awesome; great waves there annnnd i didn’t sunburn like a lobster; actually i didn’t sunburn at allll! and i got a new surfboard and for my friend aaron’s birthday we had this massive campout; awesome; and i’m using to many semicolons. 
✿ would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
- uhm yes, the last person i kissed was my boyfriend, so yes. 
✿ do you think there is life on other planets?
- with that many planets there has to be life out there
✿ do you still talk to your first crush?
- i never talked to him in the first place
✿ do you like bubble baths?
- noooooo baths are like bathing in your own filth ew sorry i know that’s not very romantic ha
✿ do you like your neighbours?
- yes one of them is this old couple and ugh they’re so sweet and make us awesome food and the other one has a daughter that’s like a year younger than me; we’re kinda friends but she tried to flirt with my boyfriend once so…
✿ what are your bad habits?
- i pick the nail polish off my nails and find any excuse to gorge myself on ben&jerry’s 
✿ where would you like to travel?
- Venice!!!! 
✿ do you have trust issues?
- somewhat
✿ favourite part of your daily routine?
- talking with my friends, sleeping, playing with my dog
✿ what part of your body are you most uncomfortable with? 
- i have this scar on my thigh that’s really noticeable and people always comment on it like everyone has scars leave me alonnnnnnne 
✿ what do you do when you wake up?
- try to go back to sleep
✿ do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?
- it’s tan for most of the year but in the winter i wish it was darker
✿ who are you most comfortable around?
- my brother, my friends
✿ have any of your exes told you they regret breaking up?
- uhm this one d/ick who cheated on me was just like i won’t do it ever again please and i slapped him in the face. yep yep.
✿ do you ever want to get married?
- yes but not soon
✿ is your hair long enough for a ponytail?
- it’s pretty long so yeah
✿ which celebrities would you have a threesome with?
- no thanks
✿ spell your name with your chin?
- ZAmk aZh cdza
oh wow how did that happen

✿ do you play sports?
- OF COURSE; lacrosse, soccer, tennis sometimes and if surfing counts then that too
✿ would you rather live without tv or music?
- i’ll pretend you didn’t say that
✿ have you ever liked someone and never told them?
- yep but he moved away 
✿ what do you say during awkward silences?
- NO AWKWARD SILENCES WHEN YOU’RE TALKING TO ME but if there is one i try to make conversation because if you say something else it just makes it more awkward 
✿ describe your dream guy?
- i’ll describe my boyfriend; curlyish brown hair, green eyes (NO ITS NOT HARRY STYLES) tall (ITS NOT I SWEAR) adorable, funny, cute, athletic, caring (STAHP IT’S NOT HARRY STYLES OK)
✿ what are your favourite stores to shop in?
- forever21, american eagle, jcrew, urban outfitters, hollisters, a&f, shopping in general is fine
✿ what do you want to do after you leave school?
- go to college, live in cali or somewhere with a nice beach, get a job, get married, etc. 
✿ do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
- yes; if they’re really sorry they’ll try the second time but that’s it
✿ if you're being extremely quiet what does it mean?
- that i’m sad 
✿ do you smile at strangers?
- most times unless they’re being extremely rude to you then i’m polite but not that friendly
✿ trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?
- outer space!
✿ what makes you get out of bed in the morning?
- i’m late for school or my dog needs to be let out or he is licking my face incessantly or i can’t stand the taste of my own breath anymore ugh morning breath sucksssss
✿ what are you paranoid about?
- nothing really 
✿ have you ever been high?
- according to my friends i’ve acted like it but i’ve never legitimately been ‘high’
✿ have you ever been drunk?
- on happiness, yes, on sugar, yes, but not on alcohol 
✿ have you done anything recently that you hope no one finds out about?
- yes
✿ what was the colour of the last hoodie you wore?
- blue 
✿ ever wished you were someone else?
- used to but now i don’t; i’m happy with who i am c;
✿ one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
- i’m pretty lazy aha
✿ favourite makeup brand?
- i’m alright with most of them
✿ favourite store?
✿ favourite blog?
- hyperbole and a half even though it hasn’t really updated i still like to go through it; check it out: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com

✿ favourite colour?
- pink!! 
✿ favourite food?
- uhm ben&jerry’s duh c;
✿ last thing you ate?
- a piece of chocolate a few minutes ago IT WAS JUST SITTING THERE OK SORRY 
✿ first thing you ate this morning?
- i accidently swallowed some toothpaste
✿ ever won a competition?
- yep
✿ been suspended/expelled? 
- no
✿ been arrested?
- uhm, no
✿ ever been in love?
- i don’t think so…not sure right now
✿ tell us the story of your first kiss?
- it was in 8th grade; this guy who liked me for a while came up to me after school and was like can i kiss you and my friends started this obnoxious chant like the ones in the movies like ‘kiss, kiss, kiss’ and then yea. it was a peck but sweet; i still talk to him now he’s cool
✿ are you hungry right now?
- it’s nearing lunch; yes
✿ do you like your internet friends more than your real life friends?
- uhm no? don’t have any polyvore friends and the ones i’ve made on other sites are awesome but i like to talk face to face with people
✿ facebook or twitter?
- twitter; facebook is overrated
✿ twitter or tumblr?
- tumblr
✿ are you watching tv right now?
- noooo i’m on the computer
✿ names of your best friends?
my best best best friends sophia, allison, paige, drew (my brother), if your boyfriend counts then him, aaron
✿ craving something?
✿ what colour are your towels?
- pink and sunset orange in my bathroom 
✿ how many pillows do you sleep with?
- two
✿ do you sleep with stuffed animals?
- some
✿ favourite animal?
- giraffes, elephants
✿ what colour is your underwear?
- turquoise 
✿ chocolate or vanilla?
✿ favourite ice cream flavour?
✿ what colour shirt are you wearing?
- coral
✿ what colour bottoms?
- white skinny jeans
✿ favourite tv show?
- ANTM, Glee
✿ mean girls 1 or 2?
- 1!!
✿ mean girls or 21 jump street?
✿ favourite character from mean girls?
✿ favourite character from finding nemo?
- that sea turtle uhm i forget what his name is 
✿ first person you talked to today?
- my brother
✿ last person you talked to today?
- so far it’s been my mom
✿ name a person you hate?
- the ex who cheated on me and said he was sorry (a.k.a the one that I slapped and now hates me too)
✿ name a person you love?
- my brothaaaaaa and mom and dad
✿ is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?
- that ex’s nose looks like it needs a good break
✿ in a fight with someone?
- apparently i offended paige bc i forgot to pick up butterscotch ice cream for her and picked up vanilla instead so she’s going to sneak in and steal some of mine we’re weird like that
✿ how many jogging bottoms do you have?
- three or four pairs…?
✿ how many hoodies do you have?
- five…? idk what i’m doing…? 
✿ last movie you watched?
- catching fire with sophia on thursday and then boyfriend and i watched it saturday
✿ favourite actresses?
- emma watson; jennifer lawrence
✿ favourite actors?
✿ do you tan a lot?
- would the words beach babe be satisfactory? c;
✿ have any pets?
- dog and some fish
✿ how are you feeling?
- sleepy 
✿ do you type fast?
- yep on my phone and on the computer whenever my friends have homework they need they’re just like ‘here i’ll pay you a tub of ice cream’ 
✿ do you regret anything from your past?
- i regret missing out on things//not doing them
✿ can you spell well?
- uhm i think so but i chose not to haha
✿ do you miss anyone from your past?
- yes
✿ ever been to a bonfire party?
- for aaron’s birthday this summer we had a campout so yes
✿ ever broken someones heart?
- i hope not…that ex doesn’t count he doesn’t have a heart that b/astard
✿ have you ever been on a horse?
- allison loves horseback riding and once she took me to the stables and literally strapped me to a horse oh god never again they’re cute to look at but i don’t like riding them
✿ what should you be doing?
- homework
✿ is something irritating you right now?
- i’m hungry, does that count? 
✿ have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?
- yep
✿ do you have trust issues?
- wasn’t this already askeddddd
✿ who was the last person you cried in front of?
- my boyfriend and like everyone else who was in the theater when i watched catching fire ha
✿ what was your childhood nickname?
- mandypandy oh god but now i get called manda or mand or mands and at one point, ‘hey man’
✿ have you ever been out of your province/state?
- of course
✿ do you play the wii?
- just dance, sometimes mario cart c;
✿ are you listening to music right now?
- yes; midnight memories
✿ do you like chicken noodle soup?
✿ do you like chinese food?
- not ‘real’ Chinese food like because one of my friends is Chinese and a lot of their food is realllllllly spicy but in general yea like takeout at 10pm when you haven’t eaten since breakfast is AMAZING
✿ favourite book?
- the fault in our stars, looking for alaska, 13 reasons why, before i fall, a lot more i like to readdddd
✿ are you afraid of the dark?
- only afraid of what it hides 
✿ are you mean?
- i don’t think so… ask my friends haha
✿ is cheating ever okay?
- like on people, no way it’s a horrible feeling, and if on tests/homework uhm no…but i’ve done it before 

✿ can you keep white shoes clean?
- yep 
✿ do you believe in love at first sight?
- nope you can love their shoes or hair at first sight but to really love someone you need to know them
✿ do you believe in true love?
- ya
✿ are you currently bored?
- kinda
✿ what makes you happy?
- a lot of stuff; friends, animals, family, ben&jerry’s, etc. 
✿ would you change your name?
- nope! i like my name yaaaayyyy
✿ what's your zodiac sign?
- pisces c;
✿ do you like subway?
- oh yes
✿ your best friend of the opposite s-x likes you, what do you do?
- my friend aaron is gay so that won’t happen any time soon…
✿ favourite lyrics right now?
- don’t have any 
✿ can you count to one million?
- too lazy haha
✿ dumbest lie you ever told?
- all of my lies are dumb ugh awful at lying
✿ do you sleep with your doors open or closed?
- closed
✿ how tall are you?
- 5’6’’ or 5’7’’
✿ curly or straight hair?
- kind of wavy but more straight
✿ brunette or blonde?
- brunette, but it gets bleached by the sun during the summer 
✿ summer or winter?
✿ night or day?
- day 
✿ favourite month?
- june, july, august, as long as it’s in summer
✿ are you a vegetarian?
- neverrrrr
✿ dark, milk or white chocolate?
✿ tea or coffee?
✿ was today a good day?
- it was a normal day
✿ mars or snickers?

if you've read all this you're amazinggggg but you already know that don't you c;
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