Yet another set inspired by @sickestcore~ I love you, Carie. c: 
Oright. Nao, since everyone else is doing this, and I almost never make text sets, I'mma tag all of my inspirations from my 4 pages of contacts. You're probably either here cause' you have amazing sets, you amuse me, and you're awesome.

@brain - You're amazing. Like. I used to spaz attack everytime you liked one of my sets. Deer Lawd. Please don't die. Right, and this set is for you. Let me tag you over and over so you see this. @brain, @brain, @brain. YEYEYEY.
@lost-in-senseless-dreams: I love you, Anh. You're so original, it kills me. :/
@ten-uto: Stop worshipping me, worship yourself. You're waaaay too good. Odear. I still love you though~ Oright. And you are the funniest person I have ever met on this site. 
@cameronhurley: HELLO. I LOVE YOUR SETS. YOU'RE AMAZING. whjgsajshsfhs. Yes.
@water-the-wilted: If I kill you, do I get your talent? :3 You make me vomit letters. 
@welike-weliketoparty: I love you. I love all your sets, -creyz- And you amuse me.
@su-ri: Team Asian.
@sickestcore: ...there. are. no. words.
@lovecomesfrommorethanjustheheart: -worships, worships-
@liv-linnea: Hooooly crap, Wee. You're amazing, like. Your sets are godly. There is no other way to describe it. 
@itsmegabriella: I can't even think of any adjectives to describe how talented you are.~
@wumbocore: Your sets are so different from everyone elses. (In a good way) and and and, you're one of my major inspirations. But then again so is everyone else on this list.
@gracethebadger: I LOVE YOU, YOU SLYTHERIN~ Your sets are too cool, and you think of these awesome ideas that everyone else has to copy just so they can get some of your awesome powers. Yah.
@vulture: I literally died when we first started talking, and nao I love you so much. Oh deer. -.- I want your voice. I want all of your set making skills. You amuse me.
@betsylivesfree: Your sets are perf.
@division: BIG HUUUUUGS~
@thevoicesilencedxxx + @aalaaing-your-face + @diminutive-dreamer: I know I don't make your type of sets, but believe me, I worship all of you.
And @vivus: Ohmygod, how did I forget you. I just remembered now. I LOVE YOU. I WORSHIP YOU. DONE. 
@imlola: wjdzsghsha. I totally blanked out. Right, I'm adding you in now. Lola, you're amazing. And you're so nice as well, plus your sets are stunning. When I first started you were such an inspiration to me, and you still are :333
And my special, special people:
@forever-and-alwayzx, @kaitlintheowl, @hiroki, @angebr0ski and @ramona-z-love~

Style of set that you make; Cropped sets mostly, but the occassional colour block person set, art/fashion sets. Not preppy. Or paper dolls. :/ 

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