All Around the World - Justin Bieber + Ludacris

request by the lovely @shsdivaxoxoxo! story coming soon love~


When Sofie walked into the club, of course she was nervous. For a girl who would rather be at home reading, the pulsing lights, pounding music, and swaying mob of people was just a bit too much. She nervously adjusted her sweater and looked around for her friends, who had said they would meet her there. By the bar. Which was exactly where they weren't.
Sofie rolled her eyes as she walked carefully to an empty stool and sat down heavily, letting out a long breath. It was just like them, really. Not the best friends in the world, but hey, they were friends, right? Isn't that what counted?
"Can I get you anything?" The bartender shook Sofie from her thoughts.
"Uh, I, um..." she stuttered. He was cute. Really, really cute. Light brown hair, eyes the color of hot chocolate, perfect lips gently curving upwards into a perfect smile.Dammit.
"Water, Sprite, Coke...?" he asked, still smiling. Appropriate for the "bar" at the teen club--no alcohol whatsoever.
"Um, Sprite, please," she managed to get out.
"Coming right up," said the young man as he headed towards the back.
Sofie let out a breath. Why did she always have to sound like an idiot in front of guys? And a bartender, too... Sofie had a strange fascination with bartenders. They saw so many people, had so many interesting stories, that she was sure they would never be dull.
The short-ish guy soon came back, but with a small frown on his face. And he still looked adorable. Of course, Sofie thought sadly. Another guy who won't like me. Don't get your hopes up...
"Hey, we didn't have any Sprite, but we have one last bottle of Mountain Dew... That okay?" he asked politely.
Sofie nodded and paid for the soda quickly before muttering a quick "thanks" and pulling out her phone.
New message--Alicia: Hey meet us by the theatre?
Sofie groaned. Change of plans. Again. And she was the last one to hear. Again. She quickly grabbed the bottle and got up to leave, but the bartender leaned over and caught her wrist before she left. "Sorry, I just--um--wanted to point out, the label's, um, unique on that bottle. Sorry. And I'm Justin," he said in a rush. Sofie blinked. Guys never, ever got tongue-tied around her. "Um, okay, thanks. I'm Sofie, nice to meet you," she said, awkwardly holding out her hand. Justin grinned and shook her hand warmly. His warm hand felt wonderful in hers. "Pleasure's all mine," he said smoothly, once again the cool and collected bartender that hadn't been there for a brief moment.
She thanked him again and sent a quick text to Alicia saying she was on her way before walking outside. She paused for a moment before looking over the plastic bottle in her hands.
On the back, attatched to a sticky note, was scrawled a quick note in black Sharpie that made Sofie's night.
"You looked down, and I just wanted to say you're beautiful, and you look like you don't know that, and you should."

@shsdivaxoxoxo story is done! note, I did this from 12.30-1am, so the grammar/spelling/etc might not be the best. I might add more later but I haven't decided. enjoy dear! xoxo~ claire
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