Hey people!
Long time, no see ?I haven't made a set in such a long time it seems! I just haven't had the creativity to make one. But this here is a new layout, in a way! (x Should I try making more of these ? Tell me whatcha think .


Well for all you Twilight Fans out there, I did see Eclipse, the day it came out. Aha, I was going to make a set review about it, but I kinda just forgot about it. So I will tell you what I thought about it now.** ( SPOILER ) ** VV
I thought this was probably the best Twilight movie yet. The acting was cheezy at parts, I must admit, but other than that, they covered everything in the book, and I LOVED the romance & action in it.
Rob & KStew really romanced it up. I mean seriously ! The engagement scene?! Was it just me , or was that just HOT !? (x Lmfao - But I thought the romance between the two was great! Taylor was just as good with romance, but I laughed so hard when Bella punched him in the face, and when he was telling Charlie Bella punched him. I thought the movie was pretty funny, but it did have alot of serious parts, like the book. Hmm..I really think this sequel steps it up a whole level each time these movies come out! I can't wait till Breaking Dawn comes out, & I hope they do just as good as Eclipse & New Moon did. (x

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Thanks - Love Lexuus.
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