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Ok. I'm kinda cheating on this one cause I already picked Changjo, but again I couldn't think about someone else I'd like to spend New Year's Eve with! and of course you guys might know by now that I'm so much in love with this boy! I just can't believe it! Chunji has always been my bias in TT like since the very start even though I believe CAP is the best looking in the group! but probably you guys never noticed it cause I barely fangirl-ed about them! during Clap days I used to tell myself! out of all these guys the only one I'll never like is Changjo! but then during their promotions of NMPOY I found myself looking at him with different eyes, still I loved Chunji and CAP the most and Ricky was like a little baby I just wanted to hug! and suddenly it happened! Crazy was released and I had to swallow my own words! Changjo was freaking amazing! still Chunji was my favorite but with To you this guy ended by getting on my nerves and even though Chunji is still the closest to my ideal type, I can't longer choose which guy I prefer!!! as I recently told my mom it's like I adore all Teen Top members but if I had to rate them it'd be something like:
Chunji and Changjo 100 points
Ricky 99.9999999 points 
CAP and L.Joe 99,9999998 points 
and then Niel with just 99,88888 points LOL!

anyway for the contest! it'll be the same as last year's
make a set with the guy who became part of your bias list during this year and of course explain why and make a list with your 5 top biases of 2012! Don't forget this is not a popularity contest, it's just about your personal preference!

so yeah even though I spent most of my year fangirling about AJ, when he left I immediately went back to the days when U-kiss still had Alexander and Kibum! loved their music and each one of them and considered them my favorite group but as a result of not having a bias, it looked like I didn't liked them anymore! lol so yeah definitely the guy of 2012 for me it's Changjo! no one will ever denied this year he became so noticeable and he gained a lot of fans! xD his dancing got -if possible- better and in summary I just like everything about him! his personality still is kind of a mystery for me, since he's sometimes way too cute yet he can look cold and a little bit arrogant -and yeah I love it!- but ok, in general this guy stole my heart during this year and about my bias list... god i don't even know anymore! lol this will be surprising for all of you! LOL

5. Dongwoon
4. Changjo
3. Chunji
2. Minho
1. AJ

T_T poor Minhyuk he has been pushed away by this evil maknae! >_<! what about you guys! who's your 2012 Korean guy?
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