Song: Change your life by Little Mix

Guess who's back from the UK !?
It has been an amazing time and I want to go back ;)
So yeah since then I'm totally addicted to this song :)
Hope you all like it 
xoxo loooot's of ♥

So before I've leaved I've been tagged by @gothicity to do this tag and also by @limabean-347, so here you go:

- Write 25 facts about yourself, you can really write whatever you want!
- Then tag 25 other people
- Have fun!

1. I'm totally addicted to fashion in a way that is pretty not normal ;)
2. After school I want to study law and become a lawyer maybe for economy and divorce
3.I'm addicted to series especially gossip girl, the big bang theory and pretty little liars
4. My fav books are the twilight series, the hunger games and harry potter
5. I have a very mixed music taste
6. Shopping is one of my fav things to do 
7. I love travelling and discovering new places ;)
8. I'm addicted to pastries
9. I love technology from apple 
10. My idols are coco chanel and audrey hepburn
11. In the future I want to life in paris or new york
12. My style is a mix between classy, preppy and urban chic
12. My fav subjects in school are english, french and history
13. I'm addicted to sport
14. My friends and family mean the world to me
15. I'm a perfectionist....
16. Sometimes I life in my own little world ;)
17. Being succesfull in mostly everything I do is important to me
18. My fav designers are chanel, christian louboutin, dior and burberry
19. One of my bad habits is that I get jealous very easy 
20. I'm a complet girly girl, but sometimes I'm also boyish ;)
21. I love discovering new bands, brands and stuff which not soo many people here know......
22. I'm nearly always in jeans
23. I could be stubburn sometimes
24. I mostly freezing all the time and don't know why.....
25. I let old things and the past not go of 

I tag:
@hug-voldemort @x-noukie-x @rainie-minnie @elenasmile @elishadanielle @iloveyoudd @bestdressx @limabean-347 @khumphrey101 @helleka @hannahrox313
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