Olive Brantley
Ever since she moved to New York at the age of 5, Olive has fallen in love with fashion. Her mom is very good friends with Oscar de la Renta, and as a result, she wears a lot of the designer. Olive's dream is to one day own a fashion line, which isn't exactly unrealistic for her. She's rumored to have a line in the works with, of course, Oscar de la Renta. Olive is constantly adding her own personal touch to her clothing, whether it be a bow or a skirt she made into a top. 
Looks: Keira Knightley

"Honey!" I heard my mother call from upstairs. I also heard her four inch heels clacking, making her way down. "Honey, where are you?" I heard her more clearly now, so I guessed she was already on the main floor.

"I'm in the kitchen, mom." I yelled out. I was sitting on one of the barstools and had been drawing a few designs while she got dressed to go meet with Oscar de la Renta.

I saw her figure appear at the doorway in an instant. "Sketching again?"

I nodded at her and smiled. "Yep. You look great, mom."

"Thanks, dear." She said, walking towards me to kiss me on the forehead. "I promise I'll be back before eleven, and I will talk to Oscar about your wonderful designs."

"Thanks, mom." I grinned.

She took a glance at the few drawings I had in my sketchbook. "I actually really like that skirt." She pointed at the one I finished just before she got down. "Have it in my size, okay?" She winked with a smirk.

I just chuckled. "Will do. Have fun."

"You too, hun!" She waved and headed out the door.

I can't wait until I finally go into the fashion world, and get my line out there. I have way too many ideas locked up, and they are wanting to be free and come out. Hopefully that day will come very, very soon.

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