I was tagged by @queenandruler!

Here are her questions w/my answers:
1. 5 Turn Ons?
-An awesome sense of humor
-Nice smile
-Nice dresser
-Being sung to

2. Favorite Item of Clothing?
Cute sweaters and dresses/skirts.

3. Favorite Place of Nature?
Any park or garden

4. Fav form of communication?

5. Pastels or Grunge?

6. Person you would want to get lost with & why?
My sister! She'd make it fun

7. Place you'd most like to visit and why?
Paris--for the shopping and food!

8. When was the last time you cried, and why?
A few months ago, my friends moved away :(

9. Boys or Girls clothing?

10. 5 things you love about yourself:
-my hair
-my style of dressing
-my sense of humor
-my love of music
-my outgoing personality

...And 5 things you want to improve:
-my height (wanna be taller!)
-my grades in math/science :/
-weight (just a little)
-my lack of traveling!

Ok, there's my answers...here are MY tags:
@lolas @michlouisa @sweetnovember19 @yenybarriot @airplane @alynncameron and @mzbossyfashions11 

My questions to you:
1. What's your go-to outfit?
2. Do you like The Beatles? If so, who is your favorite member and song?
3. Are you currently in love secretly (he doesn't know) or openly (you're in a relationship)?
4. What song have you stopped listening to but not erased from your iPod?
5. Would you consider your style girly, classic/vintage, grunge, preppy, or tomboy?
6. Are you an introvert (shy) or an extrovert (outgoing)?
7. What is your favorite quote, movie line, or song lyric?
8. You won't tell anyone, but you secretly love--fill in the blank; person, place, or thing
9. What is your pet peeve (something that annoys you the most)?
10. Who is your favorite member on Polyvore??

When you reply to my tag on a set, don't forget to tag me back so that I'll see it! Have fun and keep tagging!
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