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If you have ANY dream cast sets PLEASE enter these contests, and TAKE NOTE of their contest duration

If you have ANY Music Artist dream cast as a character PLEASE enter this contest:
ENDS in 20 HOURS, only TWO have entered

If you have ANY Dream cast sets please join this contest:
Ends in 20 HOURS, only THREE have entered

Love The Twilight Saga? Have dream cast sets about The Denali Coven; have anyone in particular you'd like to see play a member of the Denali coven?
Then enter this contest:
Ends in 20 HOURS, only THREE have entered

PLEASE get people to enter and get these groups more active; tag friends you know who love dream cast or would like to try it out. If you can't enter; don't have time to make sets (though these contest, I believe is old/new sets allowed) then tag someone please. I would really appreciate all the help I could get on here to keep my groups active; our family really needs to help our grandma because grandpa did all the financial things for both her and my great grandma. So we're having to transfer money and; citibank is taking their sweet time, and we're having to get things in order. So..yeah. Also to those who are entering this anime contest:

We have over 50 you have entered and 20 hours are left, and I'd like to thank you for all your efforts you made to inform people.

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