jazmine sullivan - bust your windows
listening to depressing pandora.
im dpressed.
theres this one guy in my choir class.
and he's kept sporadically saying hi and saying i looked pretty.
i know he doesnt mean it, the fuckerr.
he only talks to me because im quiet and dont talk and arent outgoing and because he thinks i dont like him. he said so himself.
in less words.
its like im a project.
you know what?
i dont like you.
youre right.
i wish he would shut up. i hate it.
and i hate the fact that i'll bet he thought it was funny. 'hey look i called the silent girl pretty and she blushed and got awkward and didnt respond and made this awkward face hahahaha funny.'

you can go to hell.
in other news, i listened to skinny love. so thats cool.
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