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17 fairy tales challenge

hello you! this is a theme challenge about fairy tales and mythical creatures.i will give you three categories with keywords and you create sets inspired by them. you can create a fashion or an art set, do whatever you want. finished? pm me the lonk with your collection and i'll add it right heeere: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=74353743&.locale=de _________ category a 1. little red riding hood 2. rapunzel 3. hänsel & gretel 4. frog king 5. snow white 6. sleeping beauty 7. the princess and the pea 8. cinderella category b 1. wizard/ witch (choose one) 2. dragon 3. dwarf 4. unicorn 5. ice princess 6. mermaid 7. fairy 8. werewolf/ vampire (choose one) category c you wake up in the morning and besides feeling like p diddy you notice that it's not really your own bedroom! you open your door and you see a complete different world... what world would that be? would you be a normal person or maybe a princess, searching for your prince? or is there a exciting treasure hunt against the evil wizard? what would you wear? be creative! :) maybe add a little description below! HAVE FUUUUUUUUUUUN! *pixie dust* [and please remember: you don't have to add a unicorn, for you "unicorn set", just create something you associate with it.. something that is inspired by the word.]
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