With a sigh we slam the door on the rouge Jadoon. The Doctor takes out a pea shooter and fires a small tranquilizer dart in the Jadoon. I have been frantically attempting to plan a wedding, save the world, attending every dumb wedding tradition my family throws me, and making sure my fiancee stays sane in the process for the past six months. I was kind enough to my mother and went dress shopping with her, River, Darren, my dad, and some of my mom's snooty friends while the Doctor and Jack took my brothers tux shopping. The day has finally come around and what am I doing? I'm saving the world with the Doctor while River and Jack are taking care of my family light years away. I catch a glimpse of my hideous reflection in the mirror. My hair is in a million different directions, I'm covered in filth, and I suddenly realize; I'm getting /married/.

"Doctor!" I cry.

The Doctor immediately wraps up. "Sorry, she's getting married in approximately five hours and the reality is finally setting in," The Doctor attempts to joke.

"FIVE HOURS?!" I shriek.

The Doctor scoops me up. "Okay, let's get you in the shower! Bye everyone it's a pleasure to help you!" The Doctor practically throws me in the TARDIS. "'I'll take care of the family and actual wedding,' she said. 'All you have to do is take care of the bride,' she said. 'It's going to be easy,' she said," The Doctor mutters.

I manage to cough out a laugh. Maybe I'll make it out alive. Maybe.

- - -

When my hair is curled and pushed back with a beaded headband, lips ruby red, and make- up is done up, I wiggle myself into my wedding dress. "Doctor! Do you mind zipping me up?!" I shout from my bedroom in the TARDIS.

The Doctor hurries into my bedroom with my veil, which I forgot to ask for myself under all my wedding day stress. I turn around and the Doctor zips up with ease. I sigh in relief on how my dress fits perfectly. I stand in front of the mirror as the Doctor clips my veil into my mahogany hair and flairs it over my dress. The Doctor stands next to me in the mirror. He's wearing the same tuxedo, white scarf, and steam topped hat with a cane he wore to the Ponds' wedding. I anxiously fidget my fingers. I feel beautiful, I think I look beautiful, but the Doctor is silent and it worries me. I forge a grin across my face.

"So... Doctor... what do you think?" I ask.

The Doctor immediately tears up, but cracks a smile through his sorrow. He throws his arms around me and pulls me close. He kisses me hard on the forehead. "Lydia, you are always one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Today is just one of those days you blow all of them out of the ball park," The Doctor states through his cracking voice.

We break apart, but still loosely hold onto each other. "Do you really think so, Doctor?" I whisper.

"Oh, I know so, Lydia Connors," The Doctor responds with a massive grin on his face. He pulls me into a tight hug again and we sway around a little bit.

"Doctor?" I begin. He nods. "I love you."

I can tell he's smiling. "I love you too, Lydier," We quickly break apart and the Doctor claps his hands. "Well, Future- Mrs. Harkness, I believe we have to get you to a specific wedding if I remember correctly," The Doctor suggests assisting me with my dress train to the control room.

"Doctor, it would be lovely if we could get me to my own wedding on time. The last thing we would want is a runaway bride," I joke.

The Doctor chuckles and shakes his head. "Lydier, I have so many stories to tell you after this wedding, but let's get you married first!" He pulls the TARDIS lever. "GERONIMO!" He shouts in full joy.

- - -

I sit at the couples table with only Jack-- just me and my husband hand in hand. My cousin and maid of honor Lavender is currently wrapping up her maid of honor speech. Jack and I wanted to keep our wedding parties small, considering we don't have many friends on Earth as it is, so I made my cousin Lavender my maid of honor. I've said numerous times I never had a "best girlfriend" growing up, but Lavender was a tomboy growing up like me. I was surprised when I got her in the strapless navy, empire waisted and beaded bridesmaid gowns River, my matron of honor, picked out. Jack made his best men the Doctor and Darren, but all my brothers have matching tuxedos. So far Darren and Lavender have made their speeches, since River insisted she didn't need to make a speech, the Doctor is the only one left.

"I just want to congratulate the newly weds! I'm so proud of you cousin!" Lavender finishes. Everyone claps and I give Lavender a tight hug as she parts away.

The Doctor saunters his way over and leans to take the fez off of Jack's head. "Please don't make it too timey- wimey for the sake of my grandpop," I beg.

The Doctor shoos his hand. "Don't be silly. Your grandpop has been fascinated by the time we took Walt Disney Neverland and convinced him that I'm Peter Pan and you were Wendy," The Doctor explains with a wink. I giggle and the Doctor pats my cheek. He picks up the microphone. "Hello everybody! I am the Doctor! I have been friends with Lydia and Jack for... I don't even know how long, but a very long time! Not many of you knew Jack until the engagement party, but I've known Jack longer than I've known Lydia. When I first met Jack he was young, restless, fairly immature, and flirted with pretty much anything that had a pulse," The Doctor jokes. Everyone laughs. "It's safe to say I was hesitant to let him join me, River, and Lydia at first- not because of the safety of me- because I was worried for my Lydier. Considering Mr. Connors and Mrs. Ferguson weren't travelling with us, River and I were Lydier's parental figure. Like the fatherly character I am, the last thing I wanted was my baby getting hurt.

"To my surprise, though, Jack seemed calm and almost clumsy around Lydier," The Doctor continues. "I immediately knew Jack was in love with Lydier, but I also knew that it was different from all the other people Jack had felt a love for. Although Lydia ogled over Jack, she was the first who really wanted to get to know him before jumping into a relationship with him. Lydia really helped Jack mature and he helped her understand the world in a simpler explanation than I could ever say. Perhaps it was because they had both lived on Earth, but Jack and Lydia had a bond unlike one I had ever seen before between two humans. I know I'm wasting a majority of your time with this over- drawn speech, but- if there were ever two people that were absolutely perfect for each other- that would be my Lydier and Jack," The Doctor admits. Everyone awes and I tear up. "Congratulations you two," The Doctor wraps up.

Everyone claps. The Doctor hugs me, kisses me on the nose, and places the fez on my head. He goes to shake Jack's hand, but Jack pulls him into a tight hug instead. As soon as the Doctor takes a seat, I pick up the microphone and tap it twice to make sure it's working. "Okay, this thing is working," I giggle. A few people chuckle along. "Um, I haven't been to a lot of... normal weddings in a long while so why don't we party," I suggest with a laugh. Music begins blaring and I catch River's eye. She winks at me. "I'll be right back," I shout to Jack so he can hear me. He nods and quickly pecks me on the lips.

I hurry as fast as I can in a poofy bottomed dress and link arms with River. "No wedding is complete without a costume change in between," River states.

I laugh. In record time River gets me out of my wedding dress and into my shorter reception dress and Docs. By the time we bounce back into the reception hall, everyone is in full swing. The Doctor notices River and I before Jack does so the Doctor taps him on the shoulder to get his attention. Jack has already taken off his jacket, rolled up his shirt sleeves, and has his undone bow tie hanging around his neck. When Jack notices me, a wide smile stretches across his face. Jack runs over and picks me up. He holds me and we laugh with each other. He places me down and we exchange an exceptionally longer and sloppier kiss than usual right in front of the Doctor. Mitchel and Josh whistle and make a scene of the whole thing.

"This is much more the Lydier I married," Jack confesses.

I smile. "My mom and I made a deal I could wear the Docs to the reception if I was good until the bridal party speeches. I sure hope you didn't marry someone like my mother who needs to look dolled up all the time!" I point out.

The four of us laugh. The pieces are all in place.
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