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besides flip flops, bathing ectt here are some other things you might wanna keep in ur bag <3

2. tampons ;p
3. water proof mascara
4. hair stuff, like ponies, headbands &clips
5. a hair product of your choice, maybe a scrunch gel or a frizz creme, its up to you.
6. body spary
7. lotion,,, idk, i think its me but i get really dry after i swim ;p shampoo
10. hairbrush
11. underpants
12. wipes

helpful tips:
- bring a plastic bag( like a ziploc one) and put yor phone and money there , stash this at the bottom so no one see it
-dont bring expensive stuff, like ipods and jewlery
-try and pack two towels, just in-case!
- get a plastic beach bag so you it wont get wet or break or anything!!
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