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I was tagged by @mimi-naomi!

Here are her questions w/my answers:
1. Whats something you want to do before you die?
Travel the world with my closest friends/family.

2. Whats the color of your nails right now?
Awkward...they're not painted :/ lol

3.Favorite Holiday?
Christmas--HANDS DOWN!

4.Favorite store to shop in?
For clothes? Forever 21 :)

5. Favorite Band?
The Beatles, One Direction, Lifehouse, The Fray, I could go on and on...

6. Favorite time of day?
When the sun is setting

7. Qualities you like about yourself?

8.Favorite pair of shoes?

9.Lipstick or Mascara?

10. if you could only eat one thing for a whole week what would you pick?

11.Favorite Magazine?

Here are my new tags:
@natza @anelalovenathan @iloveyoudd @misslenny @lavendergal @divadebbi @ninaandja @to-infinitee @i-am-the-original @xhurts-like-heaven and @beforenightfalls1313 

My questions:
1 What song tells the story of your life?
2 What is your fav past or present fashion trend?
3 Besides Polyvore, what/who is your obsession?
4 You buy almost all your clothes from...
5 Live without music, tv, or the internet?
6 Do you cook? If so what do you cook/bake best?
7 Favorite song of all time?
8 Do you prefer the sunrise or sunset?
9 If you could add a feature to Polyvore, what would it be?
10 You wish you had more...and you wish you had less...

When you answer, make sure to tag me back so I see your answers. Have fun ❤❤
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