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Duct tapes bows are fun, original, and cheap! Read below on how to make your very own!

You will need:

- A strong, sharp pair of scissors 
- Duct tape of desired color
- A ruler
- A bobby pin

Step 1:

Decide on the length of your bow. I think 3 inches is a nice length: not to long, not too short. The longer the bow, the skinnier the bow will be. Double the number how many inches you want your bow to be, and with the scissors cut a piece of duct tape as long as the doubled length. In my case, I want my bow a 3 inches, so I cut a 6 inch long piece of duct tape.

Step 2: CAREFULLY fold the piece of duct tape in half (the hamburger way) so the sticky sides are together.

Step 3: Press and slide your finger down the folded piece of duct tape. Make sure there are no bumps, folds, or sticky edges showing. Trim the edges if so, or start over. It may take a little practice to get the perfect one!

Step 4: Now that you have a smooth piece of folded duct tape, fold it (the hot dog way) like you would a paper fan. Although this time, only fold it 3 times. Pinch the ends together to get your bow shape.

Step 5: Now, cut a 2 inch long piece of duct tape. Then, cut a centimeter wide strip off of the bigger piece. Wrap the thin strip of duct tape around the middle of the bow, and adjust edges or folds if needed. Slide a bobby pin under the piece of duct tape you wrapped around the bow.

Step 6: 

Place the cute bow in your hair!

Have fun, and good luck!

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